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  • Yo whatagwaan

  • Friday nights group ride was very helpful in deciding what chainring/ cog combination would best suit my quiver of bikes...

    I'm also spending time cleaning/servicing the omniums as well as rear wheel bearings.

    It appears that I maybe going to Sao Miguel in the Azores this April. My wife's family still owns a home there and we plan to go for 2 weeks. During our stay I hope to tour the island on a bike. I was planning to pack the Fuji or Norco for the trip and leave either one in Toronto Canada at my wife's relatives place.

    That's all for now, hope to get some sunny pics soon LoL

  • 53t chainring/New Chain/Shallow back wheel/22t cog... I'm out to destroy my Thick Slick..

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  • You're making it big! Is that a wooden rim btw?

  • I'm out to destroy my Thick Slick..

    That doesn't take much, a tiny piece of glass will do the trick

  • What’s the chainset on the Vig? Is it a miche pistard air?

  • Naw it's just a graffic wrap... I appreciate your positive reaction.. I've paired it up with the tri spoke for kicks and giggles

  • I'm actually not mad at the durability so much as the poor ride characteristics. I've been riding on them for 2 yrs mostly dry sunny weather. I only had a handful of flats during that time. My biggest criticism has been the harsh ride. I'm running a low 70-75 psi daily 28c. I prefer gatorskinz and will continue to search for a cheaper alternative.

  • Skeace aero cranks/ generic unbranded chainring... I painted over the graffix on the spider and arms. I will end up using the original 49t chain ring will end up on the omnoms.

    No complaints so far with the new drivetrain...

  • Full fixie for now... Working on a brake lever/drop bar setup for my travels ..

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  • Looks great, thanks
    Skeace are new to me - available via Aliexpress.

  • Fortunately I found the cranks sold online from an onshore seller...

    In other terms, I'm currently shopping for a matching set of tires other than Gatorskinz LoL. I'm entertaining a set of 28c travail ramparts with brown side walls. I have been happy running 50psi front 65psi rear with 32c's..

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  • Nothing major but I decided to spend on the luxury of gel under pads... I usually double tape the contact points on the bar. I have them mocked up on my current favorite setup...

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  • It’s like you spent the last few years finding the most unappealing front end set ups. Weird quest. This wins it. Welcome back.

  • Wait until the unveiling....

    Spoiler alert: reusing previously loved bar tape LoL

  • This is exciting!

  • Pretty pleased taped up... I couldn't help myself double wrapping over top of the gel.. Ended up trimming the tops to reduce side bulge.... Tested with some track standing while on the drops and slow speed/walking pace... Worth it

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  • I've been tempted recently to get back into chubby tires.. So I picked up a tired af pk ripper... Its hard to fit more then a 32c up front with the fork but whateves.... Haven't nailed down any saddle/seatpost/stem/bar for it yet.. Want to get some tan walls.

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    • 20230313_215808_HDR.jpg
  • Do you have any road bikes, my guy?

  • I don't own a road bike at the moment.. just consolidated a hybrid with mech disc 160 rotors front/back 2x8 that I owned for almost a year.... Don't like cables at all.. Too lazy to do maintenance

    Found a pivotal 27.2 post on market place going to meet up... Shopping for a dope padded saddle to bring the build together. Pics of parts swapped out from stock.

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  • Pivotal post/seat was a flop... Very limited adjustability and padded seat feels weird. Dissatisfied with the experience I put on a normal road saddle/drops and chased the sun for a pic... Bmx cranks are letting me down as well as the 35/14 gear ratio.. 2 skid patches is no bueno

  • 46x19 all the skid patches.. Pics taken same day...

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    • 20230315_181518_HDR-1.jpg
  • I present to you "WabiSabi(one word) Ikigai"

    I had a good pedal strike even with 165 cranks.. Probably lower bottom bracket clearance than my other whips.. Not much I want to change.... Long and low. We'll see how long my back can handle it.

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  • After putting more time on the bike it has revealed to me that it has better use on road.. Not gravel

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  • Looks like alotta fun 👍

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Official Free World Build

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