Official Free World Build

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  • Was in an induced coma for 18 days following an accident... This thread is my only crystal clear memory past 03 June 2011.

  • Lynchman.... 5eva in our hearts

  • No time to make videos but I've been riding with a group that has a channel and posts videos periodically. They post stuff on Instagram more often then YouTube.. Livin that married life now

  • Livin that married life now

    Hope you changed handlebars for this?

  • Yesss, he's back. Glad to see it!

  • Wow! What a great start of 2023

  • Our wedding was last July so chances were that I had drops on.. You can bet that when the rain started to fall that raisers are my preference.

    My Norco is currently in porter mode.

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  • Good to have you back dude

  • Nice seeing all the Ogeez from back in the Day still doin their thang.

    Norco seeing a lot of use this winter

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  • Never change

  • Wait is that snow? I thought you were in the Philippines or something?
    Edit - looking back through the thread shows Canada. I always imagined you skidding around in a sunny paradise.

  • Hope you changed handlebars for this?

    chef's kiss

  • It makes me happy that non of your bikes have 650c front wheels anymore

  • Good to see you again!

  • I'm in Langley City British Columbia but do most group rides in VanCity.

    I'd love to pack my bike with me to some exotic warm climates but haven't had the pleasure... Yet

    Getting excited for dryer weather

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  • Snow day Yo! My Rat Fuji track

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  • Subbed. Great to see you back man

  • can’t believe skrtluv is back, good times

  • Bikes look good, glad to see you're still sticking to your weird bar tape traditions

  • I appreciate the warm welcome from everyone. Not to get sentimental but I feel part of a band of brothers riding fixed. Have met some folks from the forum through a local resident and felt an instant connection and mutual respect.

    Did some flat section road with a longer stem to see if I can deal with a taller gear. I'm trying to work on my bio mechanics and position to reach higher average speeds.

  • have you considered just riding your bike a bit further?

  • I'm going to agree. I have been pushing under geared for a while since all the social distancing started. Aside from moving further from the city I had moved in with my girlfriend at the time. After the nesting began, I was riding less/ ate more which led to 10 lbs of love LoL. Now we are married and I'm back to enjoying some private time on my bike. She is fully supportive and would ride together more despite not being able to keep pace. Right now we are limited to our 7 km commute to work with a few rollers and a kicker right at the end. On the way home is a great spinnn....

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  • I like the look of the silver stem on it

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Official Free World Build

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