Official Free World Build

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  • Ye of such little faith...

    I whipp both ways baybaybubba

    Might be time for suck my balls sequel

  • I appreciate and respect you

  • Got annoyed braking with previous handle bar/brake & shifter levers...

    So this is how it is and I like it­-29041#

  • Sweet!

  • Does that blade hurt your butthole?

  • If you are refering to the seat, it is flatter and wider than my stripped flite....

  • It just affects his balls, hence their need for constant sucking.

  • I must be pretty annoying that you have to change over the shifters every time the weather demands different bars.

  • I miss this fucking place so much.

  • Not really planning to switch up on geared bike due to the obvious hassle of swapping levers/shifter

    Pretty pleased with the ride so far...

  • You shoulda seen the rain in London yesterday, I don't even think they make bars for that kinda weather

  • Yeah they do- don't worry bro I got ya:

  • Sweet ride, these might work as well:

  • Actually really content with the whole setup now that I picked up some Federal plastic bmx pedals to replace the tiny plastic ones to begin with

    Didn't stay mint for long after they were installed since I had a pedal strike while rounding a corner..

  • On the ride home of coarse....

  • Of Coarse

  • I lean maybe 2-3 degrees more in the turns on the way home, no idea why. that's why I take a spare set of pedals with me- got some odyssey twisteds that Ive cut about an inch off the outside to allow for the angle and prevent pedal strike.

  • I'm just not used to coasting quite yet,... Plus the new pedals stick out much wider than the last ones

  • Yeah and lower BB height on a geared frame + longer crankarms.

  • I lean further on the way home, from the pub

  • Easier to caost if you cut the pedals down, possibly in half depending on the yaw, or carry a spare like salmonchild mentions. If you want to ride in trainers, don't want pedal strike and do want to coast then you culd always ride on eggbeaters...just think about it

  • Felt like getting aero in the wind... Sucked climbing though

  • Amazing!

  • Freeworld fam,s epic Allez single speed soon to be fitted with carbon risers

    Playas gon play

  • Oh, god no!
    Please, this frame is MUCH too nice to be subject to the @skrtluv treatment.
    Pass this one on to someone who won't bastardise it?

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Official Free World Build

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