Official Free World Build

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    Oldest pic of when i got it

  • Can't wait to see the progress, it's a Brougham right?

  • "Can't wait to see the progress, God knows there's plenty of room for that."

    I agree.

  • Then i discovered the power of drop bars and comfort of cf layback post... before the plastering began

    2009 Felt Brougham Correct

  • Tried building a Climber with the introduction of a 650c front wheel/Full Cf Fork/Flipped bull horn/ Longer stem to get my weight further forward and gearing down from 47/17 swapped 18t cog

  • After my 1st and Only day at the velodrome... Fun riding the banks but naturally got bored of turning left... Thomson straight post and Deep track drops made it Right
    Peaking of Sticker Madness

  • then i got these which took my riding to a whole new level of enjoyment

  • Then i got the Flava for Pursuit bars with the 650c on the front

  • Full View shot... Started to polish my skidding technique with this setup still 47/18

  • then i got this from a B'rogue who decided to pass on building the frame... Night Y'all

  • has that bike ever looked good?

  • Referencing Pengy.

  • 'Exotic material technology'

  • too bad dropped the chain and scared the bottom bracket shell/drive side chain stay.. now its sitting at my resident LBS collecting dust

  • then stripped the seat after tiring of having it retain moisture once the balance shifted to lesser dry days

  • ^^..And? just ride it..

  • Can't you tell by the wear that is happily being taken care of

  • so what's wrong with the Norco? It got scratched and now you won't ride it? Do your LBS mind you dumping your stuff there?

  • fact of the matter is that it originally belonged to one of their techs...

  • Do LBS's do much IT support?

  • Naa, all mechanics love it when you hype their job title... i call them Wizards because they make magic

  • decided to convert an old road frame to ride Fixed so i had something while the Felt was getting work... My brother kindly painted it for my Christmas prestent... fork coming from Japan of Ebay should be arriving soon


  • wanted change so i sprayed the Spoke black myself

  • just recently made the switch to bmx pedals/velcro straps and here she be in current ride form... praying for Sun

  • ^ Noice. I would love a bike like that. Good job.

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Official Free World Build

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