Wanted: 1" Quill Stem: 100mm / 26.0 clamp

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  • As per the title, I'm after a stem:

    • 1" quill
    • 100mm long
    • 26.0 clamp
    • pref silver
    • £10 max
    • cheaper the better; it's for the beater, so any old shit will do as long as it doesn't kill me.

    post here / PM if you have anything lying around

  • I'll defo have that in the parts box.

    It probably will be 25.4mm clamp but I'm happy to give you a free set of beater risers.

    Will take pictures this weekend.



  • Cheers Vince, only looking for 26.0 though... want to carry on using the same bars, only with a shorter stem.

    Anyone else?

  • still looking....

  • One last try.

  • http://www.lfgss.com/thread97947.html

    Havent included bars and stem here but might do if you dont mind 90m m stem, although I might have a slightly longer one. if interested is £20 OK?

  • 3ttt Pro Chrome from Planet X or Condor? Only £9.99 brand new, very stiff, and has the Columbus bird on!

  • ^ thenks for the offer NLL. £20 double my budget (!), so I'll have to leave that.

    3ttt looks perfect, gonna go get one from Condor tomorrow, cheers tommmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

  • If you want something a little bit sexier, the 3ttt status is available for the same price from Planet X

  • I'd call ahead if I were you Gaz, I got what I think was the 2nd to last one on Tuesday.

    One word of warning, the Planet X ones claim to be 26mm, and the guy in Condor measured the diameter at 26mm as well, but mine put a nasty scratch on a 26mm bar. I think it might have just been a rough edge, but if you're putting it on nice ones, try it out on something shitter first and then prise it open a little.

  • Thanks Tommmm, it's for the beater so I'm not worried about scratches (in fact I'd almost encourage them!).
    The Planet X ones are only £9.99 if you get a 150mm one, the 100mmm ones are £20... so I'll try my luck with Condor.

    I actually really like the slightly mad max look of the Pro Chrome!
    Cheers all.

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Wanted: 1" Quill Stem: 100mm / 26.0 clamp

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