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  • Post RideLondon LFGSS chillax session somewhere?

  • You've all read this in the guide, right?

    A safety car will travel at the front of the event at 22mph. Those riding at the front of the event must not pass this vehicle for safety reasons.

  • I actually rode this route today (not taking part in the event) and it's a really fast course. There is no way that that car can travel at such a low speed without people overtaking.

  • Drafting opportunity

  • I think in the past, the car went out quite early, sort of sweeping the route ahead of the ride. It wasn't like it rolled out at the front of the pack. Obviously it may have changed; they might want to stop it being a race for the first wave or two.

  • Ah right, got ya.

  • Dare I go 48x13?

  • Ugh 08:55 start window 😩

  • Good excuse not to trouble the car 😉

  • Wave M among my slow cycling brethren. Managed to get 20 miles in yesterday, my longest ride since 2019

  • Obviously when booking a cycling holiday getting home from Stansted Airport on 29/5 wasn’t my primary concern. Doh!

  • Getting up at 4am was a bastard but not getting stuck behind people walking up any decent hill was worth it. The whole Newlands Corner-Leatherhead section was pain in the arse for it when I did a relatively late start, as was the Kingston to Wimbledon Village bit.

    It's a completely different route up into Essex now. No-one knows where the bottlenecks with this route will be.

  • Yeah I reckon so

  • Mostly behind the safety car

  • Riding up through Leytonstone on the cobbled market street will be one.

    Edit: High Road Leytonstone was on a recce ride, it is not on the official route


  • If you're in a late wave, pretty much any hill of any length from my experience.

  • Well that's less of an issue now...

  • Whereabouts is that? I live in Leyton's famous Stone. Is it the High Road?

    If it is, you're right

  • Good luck finding one of those on this route

  • I'm not doing it this year but have been in later waves a few times and enjoyed it. Chill and not so serious riders. Yeah don't try and form impromptu peloton or trust anyone's riding skills, but it's really nice to see people out there, barring the anxiety about getting swept up from the rear. There's more fancy dress at the back too.

  • Good point. Maybe I should just enjoy riding my bike. Pretty extreme view, I know

  • Maybe I should just enjoy riding my bike

    I don't think this forum is for you

  • From what I can see, the route posted doesn't seem to do that, bypasses Leytonstone and comes off the A12 at the Green Man Interchange.

  • Oh, I see. I’m referring to a recce-ride route that took High Road Leytonstone rather than the live A12. Ignore me, I’ll edit my previous post.

  • In the second wave, hopefully there will be some strong riders to tow my lazy fat ass to the finish.

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Ride London 100

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