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  • I'm going to the pub after the ride.

  • What a boring route, it's almost like they made a tour of roads I try to avoid!

  • Essex New Road

    Actually rougher than the forest paths

  • I think the joy will be riding those exact roads when closed to traffic.

  • Traffic isn't the sole reason I avoid them, there's just far more pleasant roads to ride, even in Essex.

  • Errr…has any information been released yet about registration / start times / etc? I think previously you had to go to the excel centre or something? Beginning to think maybe something has been sent out by post but I have moved house and haven’t updated my details.

  • It used to all get sent out about a month before from memory

  • Ok cheers! turns out they have my correct address anyway. My memory of when entries opened is out by about 6 months it seems.

  • https://www.ridelondon.co.uk/help

    Participants will be notified of individual start arrivals times by email three weeks before Event Day...

    I'm unlikely to ride. Covid stopped my half-arsed training plan for two weeks and then sapped me of all enthusiasm knowing it was always going to be a slog. I never got in the right shape and whilst I could probably get round on muscle memory of fitness and sheer bloody-mindedness ICBA.

    Next year probably, still chasing that London Classics medal.

  • Holy crap you actually read the FAQs, amazing work.

    I will mostly be powering around on bloody-mindedness and pork pies, so if you do decide to give it a go you’ll have company.

  • Ha, I went looking for the refund/transfer/deferral info.

    And, as I expected, there are no refunds, transfers or deferrals. Ride it or lose out.

  • Thats pretty shit in my books.

  • And, as I expected, there are no refunds, transfers or deferrals. Ride it or lose out.

    That's changed. There used to be a deferral possible if you paid again.

  • If I'm doing it fixed after a year of next to no exercise and 4 weeks casual riding you can very well get out on the course too.

  • I'll be doing it having not ridden more than 10 miles this year. It'll be a slog but nothing nutella and banana sandwichs can't fix.

  • 21.59km cycling so far this year. Plus another ~4h on Zwift. That's it.

  • It’s gotta be pretty flat? I say get out and slog round, surf some wheels etc.

  • Yeah, saw the profile, the longest climb looks to be along Epping Forest. Also noticed the 60 and 100 ride share the same route up to Chipping Ongar so I might peel off if I'm feeling crap.
    Also, anyone got their start times yet? Less than three weeks out and not heard anything from them.

  • Should get them on Friday by email. Packs getting posted out too apparently so no need to traipse to Excel, which is an improvement.

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  • Hah same. Will probably still get there for then though - a colleague is in the same wave (D)

  • I would have thought earlier the better, like an accordion the mass of slower riders will make it even fuller as they move back through the field?

  • Strategically, yes an earlier start time is probably better (although I will be part of the mass of slower riders, lol), but two children have left me in a state of permanent exhaustion and the idea of being up and at it at 5:30 makes me feel physically ill.

  • The times I did it, the most enjoyable rides I had were the early ones. Getting up at 4am was a bastard but not getting stuck behind people walking up any decent hill was worth it. The whole Newlands Corner-Leatherhead section was pain in the arse for it when I did a relatively late start, as was the Kingston to Wimbledon Village bit. Also more riders through each bit is more chance for serious crashes; I hope there aren't any but I doubt it will be like that and the waits can be quite long.

    Also, without wanting to sound like a dick, a lot of the earlier waves are the faster riders and usually with a bit more skill and awareness. I found the later start I did was full of people not really realising how many people were around them and causing crashes (guy coming down Leith Hill sitting on his top tube trying to take a selfie was a highlight). I'm glad people enjoy their day but I didn't really enjoy the increased stress of the later waves compared to the earlier ones.

  • Ok fine you guys win I’ll get up early but if I die from tired then it’s on your heads

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Ride London 100

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