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  • Reckon it will both start and finish in the Olympic Park?

  • Guess so. Can't see why they'd change that.

    [EDIT] Oops, skipped the "and finish" part of that.

  • I'd guess start at the Olympic Park, finish somewhere in the centre of London assuming there's still a pro race. If not, finish at the Olympic park... or Southend!

  • Logistics of finishing miles and miles away from the start (e.g. Southend) is a massive pain for many.

    It's always a ballache for things like L2B or L2C. (Except if you just turn around and cycle back.)

  • I was assuming it would finish on the mall again, being that it was Surrey Council that got the hump, not the GLA.

    This is purely an assumption on my behalf. I will be a bit miffed if the only section of London it takes in is East of Stratford.

  • Intel is that it's a central London start and finish this time.

  • I found it too expensive for a day of being literally stuck at the hills with nonmoving participants up ahead... Filled out the form, closed it when got asked for payment.

  • Cancallara corner > Putney high st

    I was actually in Putney spoons that day

  • I was actually in Putney spoons that day

    And you didn't call me...

  • you must have been in primary school then

  • There aren't many places you can organise the start. It fills the Olympic park. They say 60 miles in Essex so that leaves plenty enough mileage to finish at the Mall (and enough to start at it or Hyde Park etc tbh

  • Start on Victoria embankment, finish on tower bridge

  • Post-ridelondon bridges ride?

  • Anyone fancy guessing at the route? I threw this together based on guessing that it'll do Embankment -> Highway -> Essex -> Highway, they'll try to work in some Essex hills and have to cross the A12 somewhere.

    I included some of the 2014 Tour de France route too at @middleofnowhere's suggestion.


  • Meh. Don't really care about the route. Have done a large number of rides (mostly Audax) up through there that I know it's generally good cycling roads.

    I'm just in it this year (after failing to get a ballot place for ~5 years in a row) just to finish off my London Classics medal having done the LM and Swim Serpentine.

  • Its my 1st time i got in through the ballot in 6 years and what is even more strange 5 off my mate have a place through the ballet .looking foward to it.

  • I've got a spot in this as well after never getting the ballot over the last few years. Almost goes past my house haha

  • How easy is it to jump the fence?

  • Any routes to a place that don't involve signing up to raise £600 for a charity I don't care about?

  • Jump the fence?

  • not far from my house then. Will be interesting to see it close the A12.

    Essex New Road is pretty terrible if you ride it with traffic, but I guess if it's shut to cars and you're not stuck riding in the gutter it'll be quite nice

  • The finish at Tower Bridge seems a bit rubbish. An iconic finish line but then nowhere to hang out afterwards. Was always nice to sit in the parks near the Mall waiting for your mates to roll in and join you.

  • Potters fields park is just before the bridge if it is possible to walk back across the bridge.

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  • Tiny though compared to even just St James’s Park.

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Ride London 100

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