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  • I skipped the hubs, as I got stuck for 15 minutes on one once!

    Also, did you get your Omnium forks drilled? Mine had a hole, but too small to accept a brake bolt.

  • 5hrs 12mins with a target of 5.30 but now a bit gutted that I should have aimed for 5hrs.

    Many choppers and wheels suckers gave the elbow a flick and the girl behind said she was getting to much shelter to take a turn so I pulled left and shook my head indisgust when I realised there were 30 cunts on my wheel.

  • It was nice ride this year :)
    Managed something similar to you @Acliff
    4h 27min.
    But had still not enough training done to stay with the bunch.
    Next year i will try to peel 20min of this time i hope :)

  • I saw a guy in forums jersey fixed with wide bar, think it was an aventon or something on those line. Wanted to ask him to DAS but too many choppers behind him.

  • Think I spotted you rushing to the loading bays this morning!
    Did you have your name on your jersey?

  • Yeah, went to the wrong gate and just made it to the back of the pack where I was literally dropped after the first corner :(

  • I stayed with the A wave to central London, then spectacularly blew up and limped round the next 70 miles without enough power to sit on a wheel.

    Oh well. 5:26 is probably still my fastest 100 miles.

  • Saw no other fixed/ss bikes. Just some hand cycles and tandems which were fab. Started pretty much right at the end of the last wave. Managed to work my way up the field but then got held up at multiple bottlenecks which included standing around and walking. Actually did Leith Hill twice (once again from the other side) to double-back and avoid congestion. Ended up on a lovely single track. Also, was so late along the course that they technically closed off Leith Hill and Box Hill. Jumped off course and did them anyway which led to completely losing the bunch but eventually caught them again around Kingston. Great ride. Now, to see if I have the legs for a 250-miler tomorrow to commemorate a year since I finished looping Australia. Derp!!!

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  • Strong effort. Good luck tomorrow

  • Eurgh. Horrid. Great for the first 35\40, but died on hills.

    Leith was shut, but got Box. Given that my front brake failed I was in some ways glad about that.

    Also got stuck a whole load of times, and then they had run out of medals at the end, so I didn't even get that.

    All in all not the worst day ever, and greatly improved by the Ride Safety Captain who DAS'd me at about mile 31.

  • I was on an aventon with a creaky 46x15 (great choice, would grind again) and risers in a forum jersey going what felt like pretty fast. Was DAS'd by @cgg, but did not oblige because 40kph on the A4. Hi! Rode at a generally antisocial pace, except for a nice chat with the most welsh sounding really strong looking guy from South Wales with a Monster (energy drink) tattoo on his calf.
    Averaged 35kph for the 132km I sneaked in. Not sure I could have kept that up for another 30km tho.
    Nice one @rhowe, you now claim the Golden Cog award?

  • Ha! That would have been me!

    They shut Leith Hill? Was busy when I got there but actually better than I had feared.

  • They did indeed, and Box pretty much right behind me from what other riders were saying towards the end.

    Your DAS kept me going and smiling for the next 62 miles.

  • Just found out my workmate did it in 4.01

  • Time to get your entries in for next year

  • 79 quid. What on earth...

  • I didn't even get a Cavendish branded bag of pistachios this year... and yet the prices are going up!

  • 79 quid. What on earth...

    Seriously? Ouch. I hadn't looked at that email yet.

  • I did it!

    Ended up being a bit more than 250 miles though. Ouchies!


  • It's even in a near-heart shape. :)

  • Ouchies indeed. Chapeau!

  • Anyone get their photos yet?

  • At least some photos are online already
    E.g. https://beta.sportograf.com/en/event/571­2/search/2842

    Replace 2842 with your rider number

  • Thank you very much for that

  • Got hit with a double whammy ultra low emission fine x 2 for driving in and out of town for the ride. Gutted

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Ride London 100

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