Ride London 100

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  • Have fun everyone!

  • Getting the train to Waterloo tomorrow morning, am I likely to have any issues?

  • Hope not, that's my plan. Getting home on Sunday could be fun though.

  • Thanks for the suggestion middleofnowhere, I've planned another ride for tomorrow to the Whitstable Oyster fest.

    Didn't mean to high jack the thread, thanks for your patience and good luck go everyone taking part.

  • Cool cheers guys

  • I recall there being a coffee stall at the start last year.

  • I'm wondering if i should try and fix a minor front derailleur issue tonight, before the ride tomorrow...

    "It'll only take a minute"

  • Is there a .tcx file kicking around? I can't find anything on the official website.

    Has the route even changed from last year? If not then I can just use that...

  • from another forum, have not checked it.. they said it's apparently subtly different but that even the RL100 official material contradicts itselfs depending where you look.

    I'll be using the kindly provided top tube sticker to navigate, with a few modifications.

  • I can't imagine getting lost will be an issue! :)

  • Just follow the 20,000 people in front of you.!!!

  • hah. I did the opposite, cutting off the 0 and 100 parts

  • Haha - great amendment.

    My start time is 07:24 with the wave load time being 06:07-06:42. Does anyone know if I were to arrive at the beginning of my wave time whether I might set off earlier than my start time or if I'll be standing around for 70(ish) mins. Would like to set off as soon as I can to avoid the roads/climbs being too busy but at the same time don't want to get there and being hanging around getting cold.

  • It will be packed no matter what time you start

  • Early arrival it is then!

    Have fun everyone

  • Late call, but does anyone want my place - my bike's fucked. Pm me and pick up the numbers etc from near Archway.

  • TfL says Tower Bridge is closed tomorrow. I'm assuming that means closed just to vehicular traffic, and not to bikes?

  • Mrs rhowe's sign. Look out for it as you approach the Vauxhall Bridge junction.

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  • Stayed in the Excel Travelodge last night to gain a little more sleep. First world problems alert- in the shower at 4am, gel dispenser is empty. Fuck. Now showered using anibacterial hand soap, so I'm fresh and sterile. Want coffee.

  • @dubkev I'd think it's just vehicles. It's not part of the official route. I'm hoping to go over it shortly so will let you know! Either way there is a wide pavement...

  • Been awake since 3. Food poisoning. Fuck.
    Lucky I pulled out last night due to my chest cold getting worse :(

  • Thanks. I'm assuming it's ok...

  • Good luck to everyone riding today. Have a blast, gutted to miss it, but will be back next year.

  • Amazingly I've already seen a LFGSS skinsuit. Group 2 excellent work whoever it was!

  • Stopped dead at mile 38, been here for nearly an hour now. Accident up ahead. Air ambulances on the scene. Hope everyone is ok.

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Ride London 100

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