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  • As I didn't manage to get a place via the ballot into the Ride London 100, I have decided to ride for the charity Shelter with what seems like at the moment the impossible task of raising £750!

    I have never cycled 100miles before but did the Olympic Road Race course last year the week before the olympics took place (only one lap of Box Hill!)

    I want to post a really good time definitely under 6 hours, maybe even 5 if thats possible? I currently cycle to and from work every day 15miles per day and through London manage to average 14-15miles an hour on my single speed, including stopping at lights)

    I have a 1981 Pinarello Prestige, with 18 gears that I am thinking of riding in the Ride 100, although I don't really want to trash it by training on it. Should I be looking at an alternative bicycle for the race? I'm not convinced it's exactly the right size, as after about 60 - 70 miles on the bike my left knee is in agony, is there any where in London to cheaply getting a bicycle fitting?

    Any help and advice on the above would be greatly appreciated.

    And is anyone else doing the Ride 100?



  • before you go spending your hard earned cash on some new kit, make sure everything is adjusted properly to fit you. There's a whole thread with contacts:

  • +1 what Ian said..

    This is just my opinion,
    Commuting are junk miles, but okay for general fitness, once you have the proper fit, increase you weekend mileage gradually, get some hills in, you don't need to live like a monk, but success is usually in the prep night before, the company you keep to get you there and understanding how your bike works, so maintain it yourself. 100 mile challenges are more psychological rather than physical achievements. You're probably doing most of this already.

    Good luck Jazzy

  • Thanks ian, and almac68 for your thoughts? Any ideas on a cheap sub £500 bike to train and ride this event on?

  • I'd have a look at the bikeradar classifieds for something decent but cheap.

    Regarding the time- rather than setting a time now it might be a better idea to base your goal on some longer weekend rides.

    I'd be over the moon to hit 5 hours- I think I'd need to be in a group, working together against the wind.

  • yeah i think 6 hours may be a more realistic goal

  • There's a big difference between 16.66 mph average and 20 mph average.

    20mph takes around 300 watts, 16.66 around 130 watts, on my turbo anyway.

  • I did my first 100 miles last year runing SS with and average of about 15mph and my total rolling time was about 7 hours.

  • Jazzy, if this ride is anything like the London marathon for start positions and estimated finishing times. Settle on 5.30hrs.. Look for pacers for 5 and 6 hr finishers you'll know where you are then. also avoid the feed stations and pack everything you need for the ride, allow for short breaks, punctures etc.. Rather than waste time hanging about, queuing for something you dont need or want.i learn this during Tour of Flanders. The pitstops generally were heaving. So always train with carrying food, spare layers, and tools.

    good luck finding that bike.

  • thanks almac, any suggestion on what might be a cheap second hand but good bicycle?

  • thanks almac, any suggestion on what might be a cheap second hand but good bicycle?

    Here are a few pointers which will help with your training goals;

    1. Ride the actual bike you intend to do the event on during quality training sessions, keep the 2nd hand bike for the 'junk miles'/commuting, reducing needless wear and tear on your quality bike.The best way to ensure your ride is comfortable is to get the miles in on your event bike.

    2. Invest in a couple of good quality chains, adjusted to the same link length and replace every 500 miles, (i.e. keep re-using them); this will ultimately reduce wear and tear on your drivetrain and allow a longer life for your cassette and chainrings.

    3. Get used to eating and drinking on longer rides so you can adapt a 'fueling strategy' that will help you avoid bonking or stomach discomfort and enable you to get enough energy to supply the extreme demands of the event.

    As for the 2nd hand bike - whatever is cheap, resembles a road bike and will not need too much maintenance or money spent on it, try Decathlon for good value inexpensive new bikes. Hope this helps. : )

  • I just got my pack through. Didn't get a place but got a fucking lousy Jersey that I will now feel like a tit in because I didn't get a place!

  • Happy to have your jersey if you want to get rid?

  • Sounds good. Its a medium and I want £40.00 for it. PM me if your interested.

  • can you send me a pic? have pmed you my email

  • Will get one over to you this afternoon.


  • Jazzy,

    I can't advise on decent second hand bikes.. but you'll need something to cope with hills and be comfortable. also get used to riding in big crowds.. pairing up with someone is good or drafting other riders, hmm a moot point.. helps to conserve energy over long distance riding.

    Charger is spot on, most of us ride fixed for commute, pub and winter training on a beater.. decent geared bike for the long hilly training rides.

    lastly, within reason you should be out in all weathers.. this is the HTFU condition we talk endlessly about.. so you need to buy suitable clothing, see how you cope.. when you are ready send me a PM.

    I ride with lots of different groups around the capital, some stronger than others. heading to either north downs, surrey hills, chilterns, epping, little switzerland, brighton, oxford or cambridge..

    keep us posted

  • Anyone fancy pairing up for training?

  • Would the Triban 3 from Decathlon be a good bicycle??

  • I got a place in the 100, I was thinking of doing my training on my SS and hiring a decent road bike for the event... I've been up box hill with one speed and it's ok, but for the event I'd be happier with gears. Has any one had experience with these guys;

  • I would not want to ride 100 miles on a bike I was not used to/familiar with!

  • I got a place also - for Bone Cancer - let me know if anyone is interested following the intermediate training programme for Sat & Sun rides - but starting from Richmond Park, doing it at with a 7am or so start time.

    pm me if interested.

  • I didn't get my ballot place, but debating doing it for charity. 100 miles didn't seem that much though so I thought fundraising might be a bit tough, am I missing something? Dunwich is what, 118? And although I did that slowly last time, I think I could do 100 miles without too many issues.
    I would be up for some training rides with someone of a similar fitness to me (100 miles a week commuting, occasional weekend rides), though.

  • dglshrn,

    Sounds like a similar amount of commuting as me, I'd be up for some training rides. rode the olympic course last year, but wasn't taking it seriously, and stopped to have a pint at lunch! Have cycled 70-80 miles before but again seriously. Would like to see if I could crack this in 6 hours?

  • is anyone training for this, I'm going to start next week, wondered if anyone wanted to team up in a group?

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Ride London 100

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