For Sale: OT: 15.4" Macbook Pro (2009)

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  • I've return to the trusty iMac and no longer have any use for my 15.4" Macbook Pro - 2.53 GHz Intel core duo, 4GB RAM, 250GB HD - running Snow Leopard. 2009 model (aluminium body / backlit keyboard).

    There is a notable issue that the Airport card has gone and died on me i.e. 'No AirPort card installed' message.

    Currently you can't directly connect to WiFi (unless you use your phone w/USB - i used my HTC and an app called PDAnet). Old fashioned ethernet is fine if it's staying in one place most of the time. I've not tried a USB dongle/receiver to see if that get round it. Other than that it'd be an expensive job (£300+) to fix with Apple.

    It has Office 2011 and Photoshop CS4 and is in pretty much perfect cosmetic condition. Comes with charger and neoprene case.

    All told, i'm after £440 for it. I can meet central if anyone needs.


  • couple of photos following requests:


    guess you have already tried that?

  • 2009 I'm guessing its an express card model?

    £5 Express Card WiFi and your back in business

  • plus fixing it yourself isnt that complicated from the looks of it and you can get ebay replacement on the cheap
    The general formula is divide the cost of repair an apple genius tells you by 10, thats how much it will cost you.

    What is your model number which usually starts with A?
    Also can you post a screenshot of System report (esp the network bit)? Top left apple icon > about this mac > more info > system report

  • amey - tried resetting that as well as the PRM - will upload details of model no. and report later!

    gizmond - I'm under the impression replacing the airport card won't work as it's shorted somewhere linked to either the logic board or the display, which would need replacing too if you changed it.

    Thanks for both your help! I was still gonna sell it regardless due to having the iMac, so if anyone else wants to buy it then try the above! :)

  • ^That isn't a replacement Airport card - it is an ExpressCard slot WiFi card :-) So it just slots into the ExpressCard port and Bob's your uncle.

  • So i've ordered a wifi expresscard, will let you know how i get on if no-one wants to grab this before then!

  • ^ can you get a bigger screenshot?

  • should be up now!

  • So i've ordered a wifi expresscard, will let you know how i get on if no-one wants to grab this before then!

    Congratulations to me for being a prize idiot, turns out i have the model that had an SD card slot supersede the Expresscard/34 one.

    I'm open to sensible offers on this if anyone is interested, i'll even hand deliver it if you're in London!

  • still got it?

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For Sale: OT: 15.4" Macbook Pro (2009)

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