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  • So, despite feeling like crap, I stayed up for the new year, thinking that Herman might be scared by the fireworks, turns out he was fascinated by them. Which I can only attribute to the fact that when we first got him we left the soundtrack to Natural Born Killers & Slayer playing whilst we were out. As Euronymous hated metal we thought it best to get Herman accustom to a variety of music, seems to have worked well.

  • We have been gifted a cat cam for christmas so we can keep on an eye on Higgs and Reno whenever we’re away. It has two way audio but I think us talking to them is just super confusing rather than helpful. This is Reno after I called her.

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  • Friendly neighbours cat.

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  • You have a cat called Higgs? I also have a cat called Higgs.

  • Ninja in retirement.

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  • My two love watching fireworks, but sneeze, cough or turn a page on a book and they like they are startled bunnies.

  • In cat teeth news, brushing teeth has helped and now both are fine. So still tooth brushing helps. The two aren't happy about it, but struggle less.

  • This little fella looks to be having a good time.­ecat/

  • We’ve been through this. Yes. ;)

  • Anyone got cats and young kids? If my niece or nephew bark their shins or hurt themselves and cry, their two cats run over and nibble their hair.­AJI

  • The positions this cat will get into for belly rubs...

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  • So Mush (the stray) has been at his new home for two weeks, been getting updates and it's fair to say he has settled very quickly into his lovely new home.

    This picture is when we had been looking after him for a while but he was still staying away and living in a bush in our garden, and one taken yesterday at his new home :)

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  • He's a different cat to the aggressive scared hissy thing that was sheltering in the bush in our garden.

    Betsy is settled back to her normal routine too, and is back to her usual aloof ways.

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  • Fleur being photogenic.

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  • Yay! He looks much happier than in his stray days! Good job, that's a great outcome for everyone (especially Betsy, by the look of that picture of her :p)

  • Did he get snipped too? He looks less jowly indoors but might just be warmer.

  • Yeah we got him nipped and tucked etc, he's barely showed any interest in going outside after that.

    He will always have the chubby cheeks they develop if they are not neutered, if they get neutered late the cheeks stay apparently. I think generally he was quite floofy and scruffy outside, and not grooming at all, once inside from early December he started grooming and taking care of himself again.

  • Yeah she's not quite forgiven us yet, but is definitely way more chilled and back to her normal routine

  • The cheek pads will disappear after a while, our last cat had them when we got him as an ex stray at around 5 years old.

  • Waily has finally sat on my lap. Although he has now asked to go out 4 times and then seen the rain and refused to leave each time. Cat's gonna cat.

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  • Kipps has finally learnt to use the cat flap (most of the time) and has taken to the outdoor life. Only had to rescue her from a neighbour’s garden the once so far!

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  • New Foster cat in at Rich G towers. She was used in a dodgy breading set up.
    such a cute cat v affectionate and within two days of staying with up jumping on laps for fuss and sleeping at the end of the bed.
    here she is post snip with the dreaded cone.
    forum meet Jena.

  • 🤗

    But we can hardly see her face! 😅

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The Cat Thread

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