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  • Good luck fella, will be waiting for news.
    Hope the outcome is as good as Dizzy’s was yesterday. Took her in for an MOT and some jabs, but nothing obvious found regarding her over-grooming so it may just be her being even more fussy than usual with her grooming. Good news is that her heart is fine (it’s a big issue with Coons) and that she’s in great shape. I drove to the vet with her sting on the passenger seat and just carries her into the surgery in my arms, she’s so placid she just sat calmly and got lots of “oohs” from staff and owners.

    Then she rewarded me last night by bringing a mouse into the bedroom and chasing it around for about 30 minutes til I scared her out with the hair dryer. Found lots of blood in the kitchen this morning so I guess it all got a bit messy....

  • Paws crossed for fabric. My two have their paws crossed too.

    Edit - He has such a beautiful fur pattern.

  • Come on Fabric. @Stonehedge you've done the right thing. Comfort and well being is a priority despite the risks. If I was your cat I'd thank you for it. Best of luck x

  • Thanks Clive, much appreciated.

    Going to be £900 lighter after this too!

  • But he is worth it. Glad he is here to meow another day. So when can I meet the decade old fluff?

  • Second foster cat we’ve had, this one found in someone’s back garden in Enfield. Had a collar but no chip so either lost or abandoned.

    14 or 15 years old
    No name
    No teeth
    Failing kidneys
    Profoundly deaf
    Failing eyesight
    High blood pressure

    Think we’ve got her for a while and I’m quite happy about it

  • good work! Why dont people chip there cats, isnt it free?

  • Why dont people chip there cats, isnt it free?

    no, it isn't free. But that's not a reason not to do it.

  • No idea, and we’ve fallen in love with “Cat”. Bit of joy for us but sad to think she was either abandoned or lost due to her failing senses.

  • Well done!

  • Surgery went well and he's off his fuckin' tits.

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  • Yay, and enjoy the drugs furball.

    edit - still think he is a very cute kitty.

  • He'll be at elevated risk for a heart attack for a few days apparently but couldn't have asked for a better outcome so far.

    6 teeth out today...

  • I had three out on Wednesday and I fancy a pizza today.

  • Was just thinking about this.

    Glad it went well! Hopefully he’ll be back to strength in no time.

  • Great stuff. He looks high as a kite.

  • Cute as a button!
    Good to know that someone looks after her in her old age.

  • Any idea what breed this is?

    He just moved into my parents house in Czech Republic from the street.
    No posters yet, so they take care of him for now.

    All we know that he’s super fluffy and beautiful.


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  • Struggling a bit at the moment.

    Pickle passed away this week aged nine. She was diagnosed with Kidney Cancer and we made the difficult decision to have her put to sleep.

    Bye Pickle, I miss you.

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  • Awww get well soon gappy kittie!

  • Hey, sorry to hear about pickle. You made the best decision to ease the suffering, it isn't easy.

    As I will always say, the little furballs slowly creep in to your heart and when they go, they leave a massive gapping hole. It is ok to be sad and upset, your cat overlord enjoyed his time with you and showed that by staying ;) Remember the good times, the fun and less the claw marks and the 3am my bowl is empty cat singing.

    Thought of having a little send off for him?

  • Greater striped soft furball?

    Think your parents have been chosen as slaves to the new furcoated overlord. It is good that it is cute and photogenic ;)

  • Could it be a Six Dinner Sid? That ain't no street cat.

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The Cat Thread

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