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  • Has he nicked the Queens seat ? :)

    in other news.... 2x feliway plug in's have arrived and are now plugged in hopefully atomising calming vibes into the house and thus the hissy grumbly cat that has replaced ours.

  • I think that might actually be the collection bag:

  • You can get cat feeders which only open for one cat by programming it to recognise their microchip. Spendy, but they do work.

    We have this one:­eder/microchip-pet-feeder

  • Was looking at those and wondering how secure they are to a cat who seems to have a few too many stray traits.

  • Gotta love a church cat :)

    When Lincoln Cathredal was being worked on several years ago the workers had a sense of humour and cut a cat-head shaped portal through the ply-wood screen and made up a mini Health & Safety notice to pin next to it. Don't think the cat ever wore his hard hat but he could come and go from mousing duties as he pleased :)

    In other news.
    Subjected to a breakfast time tantrum this morning, followed by breakfast, then sleeps then checking humans plates after human breakfast, then more grumbling, now sleeps again.

    Not even 24 hours in with project "Nuke it from orbit with felliway, it's the only way to be sure"
    Not expecting a sudden change, but think mood has altered slightly.
    Got 2 months worth of passive calming, would like to see a positive change in next couple of weeks, run the 2 months, maybe run a third month on one atomiser and see what happens.
    We think he's about 10 years old so maybe he is turning into a grumpy old man early.

  • It seems pretty good security wise. Our other cat who is able to break into the other robot feeder we have isn’t able to crack this one.

  • He thinks he's being helpful

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  • Or showing you how to do it right. Bicycle repair cat repairs bikes other cats fear to touch...

  • Wish I had a Bicycle Repair Cat... I've just got a "Oh are you typing something important? Let me stand on that for you" Cat.

  • Things are starting to get pretty real with our beloved Fabric. He's 11 and the health problems are starting to stack up.

    He has arthritis in his hips that is so bad that he drags his rear legs on the floor when he has a flare up. He was diagnosed four years ago but it has been progressing slowly until the last few weeks. We're hopeful that a medication change will make a big difference, the vet is certainly hopeful.

    A more imminent problem is that he has absolutely horrendous dental problems and can barely eat now as the pain is so bad. The reason why we have put off the surgery for extractions for so long is that he has a very bad heart defect that means that there is always a significant chance that he won't survive a general anaesthetic. Now that he can't eat, our hand is forced. He's going in for some extractions on the 13th. Its going to be a nerve-wracking day.

    He's a gentle and lovely little thing. We've built gently sloping ramps to all of his favourite high up sleeping spots and deployed a few heated beds in strategic places for when he's feeling particularly stiff and glum. We're also spoiling him rotten with his diet. If the chap can barely eat, might as well make sure what he is eating is his favourite!

  • Sorry to hear that, it's something I've been aware is likely in our (near) future as James is 13 and Higgs is 10. Fingers crossed for Fabric.

  • Thanks Neil, it's cruel that our pets don't live as long as we usually do.

  • Herman has worked out if he presses the space bar something might happen, I caught him watching YouTube yesterday.

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  • Good luck Fabric 🤞

  • Do I remember the photos of you getting fabric?

    Poor fabric, fingers and paws crossed for him.

  • That would have been on a previous account (I flounced for a year and deleted my original account), but they'll be on this thread somewhere around December 2008.

  • Yeah, it’s crap isn’t it? My girl Dizzy is 11 next March, and that’s getting old for a Maine Coon. She’s definitely not as glossy as she was a year or so back. I was due to pop her in to the vet today for her MOT but I’m as sick as buggery with a cold so it’ll have to wait. Age suddenly seems to creep up on them, doesn’t it?
    Our neighbours brown lab Max has suddenly got very old and his arthritis is crippling him and he’s really struggling. All very sad.
    Good luck to Fabric for the surgery.

  • Melancholy cat is melancholy.

    His appetite is back with a vengeance today though so the painkillers must be helping his teeth!

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  • My sister's ancient grey tabby (14?ish) has very few teeth left. It makes for very messy eating but I think he's much happier without them, they were giving him all sorts of trouble - pain and inflammation/infection. While Fabric might not make it through the anaesthetic, it's not a terrible way to go either.

  • You're definitely right. He's very calm when he's at the vet, never afraid of needles etc. An emaciated cat who can't eat properly is not something I wish on him so its a risk that we must take.

    The good news is that since a antibiotic injection and some painkillers, he has been eating us out of house and home and back to his old self. If he can make it through the surgery, I reckon he's going to be a new cat. :)

  • What a cute cat, can't believe he is that old, remeber when you got him and thought that he had a cool name.

    Fingers crossed, as I still want to meet Fabric the cool cat.

  • Fabric has taken a bit of a turn for the worse, not drinking or eating and asleep the whole time.

    It's probably the dental pain so the vet have taken him in for surgery. Wish him luck!

  • Paws crossed for Fabric

  • My sister's ancient grey tabby (14?ish)


    Paws crossed for Fabric

  • Come on guys, everybody knows that thoughts and prayers is what is needed 😁

    Took this at the vet just now.

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The Cat Thread

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