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  • Mo has been showing odd behaviour recently.

    Last couple of months, moved house. Little fella took a while to settle down, kept him in for 2 weeks and now nearly 2 months later he comes and goes as he pleases. has bought in presents etc etc.
    About 3 weeks ago the litter tray was removed as cat was just whizzing in it, and going out for a poop. I have been away for a week and half and need to go off again.

    Cat is eating, sleeping, letting himself in and out. Seems settled and happy normal.

    Nothing today but other half pointed out she thinks he is drinking more (maybe because he isn't going out as much) and he has strange grumbling moments.
    The most vocal the other night.
    cat comes in, jumps on bed says hello has a fuss. think he humped the duvet then goes and curls up on floor in corner and goes to sleep.....
    Starts grumbling, then meows...swooshing tail then starts hissing.
    5 mins later as if nothing has happened.
    Happened a few times now, odd behaviour but in general cat seems bright alert, eating, mobile.

    Any thoughts ?

  • Had actually thought about that hoefla as he seems to be staring at something that's not there.

    First time with me was in the kitchen, he was sat staring at the bottom of the fridge..... i assumed a mouse..... nothing.

  • It is possible going on graffiti carved into a window frame that a previous resident of the property may have passed on in 1996 !

  • How old is he?

    Our cat Fred became a lot more vocal as she got older. Behaviour definitely changes in later life.

  • More vocal and louder. Our guy is nearly deaf in his old age and can't regulate his volume.

  • We think about 10 years old (rescue cat, age unknown exactly)

    wondering that too, age/hormones. Ruled out external injuries as if cat has a sore spot or fight damage he soon tells us if we find it.

  • Very happy cat this weekend. 12kg bag of Royal Canin cat food AND it was delivered in a big cardboard box. Floofy bliss.

  • 😿

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  • Hahaha!

  • A rare slice of affection.

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  • Anyone had a baby during cat ownership? We had our first 3 weeks ago and Heidi is acting unusual (although in ways I like). The main one being she has suddenly become a lap cat after 1 year of no fucking way will I sit on your lap. She's started kneading my leg. Is she jealous? My wife is pretty much giving her zero attention now so I'm guessing she feels rejected? She's indifferent towards the little one, just gives him a sniff every now and again and walks off.

  • I’ve heard it said that female cats can get broody in the presence of a new baby in the house. She’s also possibly a bit jealous and just fancies a bit of a fuss too.
    My wife is going through the menopause and right now is all over the place with her hormones etc, and Dizzy definitely notices it - when Jenn is resting up in bed Dizzy rarely leaves her side and makes a big fuss of her. I guess cats are pretty sensitive to hormones and pheromones and the like.

  • oxford circus at rush hour

    mum and byk still remaining aloof and untouchable

  • Too hot today

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  • So comfy

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  • well, it's been a month since our cat turned growly and hissy.

    been to vet's, can't find anything wrong.

    Just had a few days in cattery with no major drama, but the cattery staff aren't with the cat all the time and said he is chatty/happy mostly because it means feeding time, and he asks for seconds like he always does.
    vet and cattery both suggested he will take a while to settle down as we moved house in August.
    I don't know maybe this is delayed shock to moving and cat is older this time.

    had to pick up some flea treatment from vet (village vets) and spied a Feliway plug in pack, enquired about price (had already considered this to try next) and it was a spendy £37 each, so back to amazon and have 2 plug in atomisers at like £31 then 2 refills. So we get to plug one in upstairs and downstairs and nuke the house for 2 months and see if he reverts back to normal over next few weeks......

  • had some major developments with byk this week, contact has been made, both mum and kitty are eating from my hand now and allowing me to stroke them a little bit, still flinching at every touch though, when i open the back door for the first time every morning kitty comes bounding down the garden and sits on the patio to await food

  • This story is amazing.

  • Side of James facing fire is 50 degrees, side facing away is 25 degrees.

  • How do you put one cat on a diet and fatten another one up?

    Or how can two cats co habit where one nibbles wet and dry foods when she fancies it whilst the other has been known to eat till he throws up unchewed bits of wet food and dry nuggets?

    Brother and sister from same litter.

  • You have to have set meal times and keep them apart when they’re being fed. Morning and night, in separate rooms if possible.

  • This cat loves a bit of courgette.

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  • We try to have set meal times, and feed them in separate places. Suspect part of the problem is the OH. I will physically move boy cat while OH just says No to him. Girl cat is fed on the breakfast bar, while I move boy cat off when he goes up there.

    Boy cat is a sneaky fucker, where to host a video to show the little tabby git trying to get in to an old popcorn tub with his sisters food.

    Part of the issue is that nuggets get left out and both can graze. Girl cat seems to nibble and if there isn't any food will come an find you to point out your error. She does it in a very cute way, as well as demanding being brushed and demanding little kisses on her nose. She doesn't like me clean shaven but with a certain length of facial hair as she rubs her whiskers against my chin.

    additional - I give them dentabites and furball treats he gets four of each while she gets 6 of each.

    Additional - Sometimes I get up in the night and wander round the flat to watch them sleep to see if they are still breathing. Terrified that something happens to them.

  • Doorkins, the Southwark Cathedral cat's retired:

    Scruffy little beggar moved in 10 years ago cos he likes the English Gothic tradition and they're sound on gay marriage.

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The Cat Thread

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