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  • If wearing gloves surely drowning the small furry things is relatively quick and certainly less messy

  • I once drowned a badly injured mouse thinking it was the kindest way to do it. It wasn't. Over 15 years on and I still remember it struggling in my hand as I held it under water.

    Brick every time.

  • Put in plastic bag and swing hard against wall or corner of a wall.

    I’ve had to deal with lots of mice/rats/birds and this has always been the quickest and cleanest way.

    Never easy but letting them suffer is worse

  • Ah, thanks betty.

    He sounds great; unfortunately we are in London so it's probably not viable for us to get to know him and see if he'd settle in with our cat.

    I hope he finds a good home soon.

  • I didn't realise we were in the animal execution thread...

  • Joy of cat init.

    Never know what your going to find.

    Other cat we had used to bring Ducks home and eat them.

  • I don't mind Ducks....

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  • Is that Clarissa's bath?

  • I made some Patch stickers at work today...

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  • Blue is the in colour then :)

    So far this week.
    1xmouse bought in twice on same night, rescued, appears to have survived.
    1xmouse bought in, lifeless had to trade go-cat for corpse before the white carpets got blood stained.
    1xcomputer mouse killed when cat jumped on keyboard and turned it off.....

  • I guess so. To be honest, I was so tempted to do 1 in each colour as we have loads of colours and they are so cheap, but then I thought what would I do with 100s of Patch stickers? 😅

  • Buy all the bikes, sticker bomb them, open a market stall, sell to hipster cat owners :)

  • You mean like this?

    This is a mock up of a custom titanium bike so it’s gonna be silver or silver with different finishes. :-)

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  • And you want some Patch stickers?

    If you do, you’d have to admit you are a hipster! 🤫

  • Naa my Cat might start spraying my bike if i sticker it up :)

    Mine nearly got a flying lesson this morning as i had a good upward leg stretch while under the duvet in bed.
    Cat was asleep by my feet. He gave me a look of displeasure for moving and waking him.

  • Maybe a few for the Inbred frames...

  • You want some? I am cutting them up now so it’d be a lucky dip!

  • Is this a seal of approval or don’t you fucking dare give this shit away?

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  • Mine reckons a trade off in go-cat or whiskers would be in order to pimp out it's image to strangers on the internetz

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  • These two little dudes joined my household today. Currently running around my living room - flippin mental furballs!

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  • Moar kittenz - a good move.

  • Thank God bully cat upstairs has moved out today, but I have a feeling i will be seeing him very soon - they have only moved about 2 miles down the road and they have decided not to lock in him in the last few weeks and they asked me today how long should they lock him in in his new home? I said the closer you move, the longerthey should lock him in, so I said at least a month - they said they are going to try a week... well, I really don't want to see this cat again, but I have a feeling I will very soon.

    On the bright side, I can try to encourage Patch to go out more often now and hopefully she will be back to her old self in no time...

  • Lazy Sunday floof

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  • New member of the gang - Nico

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The Cat Thread

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