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  • Boy cat seems to like to sleep with a paw on me. Meows loudly for you to join him either on the bed or sofa. Then after cat defined period of time, boy cat wakes up and demands fuss and cuddles. Then wanders off to sleep elsewhere.

  • Well the 'stray' cat called Henry is back. He has travel six miles over the north circular to appear at the woman house again!!!. So I get a phone call from said lady about what to do?

    What do you do? Called the vets practice and the vet will contact the owners to go and collect him from the ladies house. There is a debate going on the muswell hill family page on facebook.

  • Cat's kept his new collar on for 3 weeks or so now.

    Surprised he hasn't lost it yet.

    Attempted to measure Cats Floof Rating.

    Had to distract with food then have a few goes.
    Good layer of 1.5" of Floof and 2" in places. Maybe more, hard to tell as getting in way of feeding time can be risky. :)

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  • it's easy to tell.

    One's weasly identifiable and the other is stoatly different

  • So this wee lovely fella/madam, i see every now and again (once every 2 months) around park where i live - first time was very shy and then spent 20mins stroking and lots of mega load meows and purrs, i look for it every time i walk but as i said too no avail sometimes, until i hear mega-meows from nowhere and it trots over for plenty of stokes - today it was near the train station quite a distance from its usual spot, so a big territory, plus a possible wait for its owner to get off the train?
    super cute and great colouring.

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  • it's so fluffy

  • Giant cat attack!!!!

  • If you did the tape measure thing on him it would probably be a tiny cat.

  • But would feel so lovely to pet.

  • Here is the little fella that I wanted to adopt, the other half put his foot down.

    So my mission is to now help the charity by taking better photos so that they can get them adopted by their forever home. It is a small contribution compared to the amazing fosterers but they seem very happy of the help, no matter how small. Makes me so sad to hear that black cats are always overlooked, to me they are the best. Fingers crossed my efforts help Bronn find his forever home.

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  • Yeah it's not too big and lots and lots... And lots of fluff

    It's well cared for, super soft fur...i could stroke it all day

  • Girl cat has super soft fur, not changed from when she was a kitten. Stroking her is a lovely tactile experience. One of the things that I really love about having her in my life.

  • PizzaCat

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  • Burnt ham&pineapple in case your wondering.

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  • Patch had an accident in her box when going to the vet. 💩 💩 💩. Guess there is first time for everything... 🤷🏻♀️

    Not sure if Patch enjoyed being kissed... 🤣

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  • @anthonyj thats an easy 2" Floof rating maybe a 2.5 - 3" in places :)

    I pity your carpets and vacum cleaner.....

  • Hi betty

    How old is he and where?

  • @ChasnotRobert He is about 12-18 months old, not known exactly due to being found as a stray. He has grown quite a lot in the 3 months the rescue has had him.
    He is in Northwich, Cheshire from tails animal rescue. He is gorgeous. Proper loving despite his past. Loves playing with his toys, intrigued by what you are up to and knows where the cat treats are.
    If we knew that Gigi would accept another cat I would have brought him home, with no doubt.

  • Commotion downstairs.
    Do have cat toys about the place.....

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  • Grab the box of go-cat and a glove and rescue mission.

    Was still breathing and complete. some blood on glove when I put him down outdoors. Will check to see if it's survived and legged it or not.

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  • :( I hate this part of cat ownership. I "saved" a mouse a couple of months ago but its legs were mangled and it couldn't walk. I put it in the garage with some food and drink in the hope it might get better. It didn't. I took it to the back of the garden and set it down but the poor thing got stuck on its back and desperately wriggling. I mercy killed it with a brick.

    I'm too soft to be "putting down" cute furry animals, I don't know how vets do it.

  • Fur burn kitties

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  • Well then.

    last night.
    Rechecked savaged mouse and it had gone.
    Bit later being unable to switch off and sleep i wander round the house.

    Find the same mouse. Another room, still alive.
    Rescue it again and it is wounded but mobile.
    Not where i left it this morning. 50/50 if it survived.

    Having moved house i guess Cat is now relaxed in new surroundings. I will have to dig out the 4.5 for dispatch duties. Having seen the mouse in the house thread and tales of dispatch in there, one to the back of the head and good night vienna, swift mercyful professional. Unlike Cat.

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The Cat Thread

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