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  • Hahahaha!!

    😸: Go on son, eat up! It’s taken mama 4 whole night to catch this meat! Eat it while it’s still fresh!!

    Meanwhile, Patch’s toy didn’t make a appearance last night but she is still sniffing nest where I saw it last...

  • Copeland Park kitty is a portly dude

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  • Yay good news in cat fostering land. the two street cats I've had for about a year have found a forever home. They are still a bit nervous but one is comming out of his shell and can stroke him and will purr the other will hopefully follow. So happy they have a found a home but sad to see them go as well.

  • Love this local cat

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  • Anyone here got experience transporting a cat to Europe, specifically Spain?

    We are moving to Valencia and weighing up options and I’d be keen to hear opinions.

  • George was transported here (UK) from Crete by van. The people who delivered him do the run a couple of times a year and I think they have big crates rather than normal cat boxes. I don't think it's particularly difficult paperwork wise once you have a pet passport (assuming no brexit complications)...

  • Herman, about the only time he's remained fairly still for the last few weeks.

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  • New handmade rug. Cat puked on it within 24 hours.

  • Well breaking it in, innit!

  • Hi!

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  • Then did they eat the puke?

  • I call this composition
    ‘Just chillin with bae’

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  • Dog got to it first.

    This is why I can't have nice things. Particularly floor coverings.

  • And how did George do? The drive is about 17 hours so I just want to make sure our cat Ned isn’t too stressed.

    Driving less awful than flying?

  • I don’t know how he coped with the journey but he was very pleased to meet us and seemed fine when we got him home. I trust that the people who brought him over wouldn’t do it if the animals weren’t ok .

    Every cat is different though, we let ours out of the carriers on longer car trips now - Cleo sleeps on the back seat and George sits still on the passengers lap.

  • Would you let it in if it were your cat?

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  • I would try to save the Slow worm.

  • Lazy morning floof

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  • Yoga cat

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  • Tummy tickle time! Or not...🤷🏻♀️

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  • Creep.

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The Cat Thread

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