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  • Patch does this sometimes... last week I felt so bad that I took in her gift for me to the vet and pretended I only found it outside my front door... oops... he's made a full recoevery though I was told...

  • I'll soon be moving from a large house with a garden to a 1st floor flat with just a balcony, and I'm concerned my furballs will find it hard to adapt to being indoor cats, having spent the first 6 years of their lives roaming freely around sheltered back gardens in Camberwell. I've ordered some netting as I'd like to create a safe space for them on the balcony but wonder if anyone can offer any tips, advice, reassurance?! Will prob install some wall-mounted climbers similar to the lovely ones @LongAndWinding has too. Will figure out my furniture once the babies are sorted :)

  • Dat fly is mine..

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  • They’re just as striking when they’re dilated and bright red, hard to get a pic that shows it well tho ;)

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  • Not the most obvious place to sleep, hope it has a beneficial effect on the blueberries.

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  • Where did you get the carboard tunnel thingy from?

  • Here is my boy Harrison laying-in-state.

    He died around midday after a long wasting illness, I was with him at the end.
    Feel so down; I rescued him from under a van, brought him back from deaths-door and several months later watched him slip away again. The vets prognosis was terminal so though this moment was expected, it was still hard to accept.

    He will be missed, I am heartbroken but also feel lucky that we had him in our lives and could give him an extra year of love.

  • He looks like a right dude. I'm sorry that he's gone.

  • Aww man, sorry to hear this. I remember reading the rescue story all too recently.

  • You gave him a good year to end with, that's pretty special.

  • So sorry to hear the sad news, he got a lovely year of love and kindness.

  • My heart goes out to you, I'm welling up a bit. You gave him a good life for a while and that's worth a lot.

  • Sorry to hear about this. Poor little dude :(

  • Sorry to hear that. RIP Harrison.

  • Pets at home. Seem to remember it cost more than it should.

    Rip Harrison, loved reading the rescue story.

  • 1st floor flat with just a balcony

    Can you run some kind of climbing apparatus down to ground, similar to @dammit 's set up?

  • That's so sad. I followed your adventures from when you first rescued him, you did an amazing thing helping him.

    I took in an old stray cat about this time last year, and after 8 months of bringing him back from the brink and trying to nurse him back to health, he died in the early hours of Easter Monday. I wish I could have given him more time, but then I guess it often doesn't feel like you had long enough, whether it was one year or 10.

    RIP Harrison :(

  • So sad! But remember and cherish the good times.

  • RIP Harrison. Hopefully the poor kid went happy.

  • Sorry for your loss

    RIP little dude

  • RIP the realest H

  • Found Bankiren's Cervélo in HHSRB

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The Cat Thread

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