The Cat Thread

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  • Momo, re-shaping the sofa

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  • Hey, lovely cat, but also lovely LeJeune! That stem! That cat!

  • Made the mistake of watching The Supervet last night, mostly because the trailer featured a gorgeous-looking male Maine Coon. The missus is all a bit stressy and PMT but she sits to watch it with me. When it comes to the Coon, it turns out he's lame in his back leg, which turns out to be due to a cancerous tumour on his spine, which means losing the leg, chemotherapy and only about a 40% chance of success. His owner agrees it's too much to put an 8 year old cat through, and so poor Stouffie is euthanised. Cue floods of tears from the other half, and she has to go and fuss our own coonie for comfort. The she goes and Googles "average life expectancy of a maine coon cat" and finds out that it's around 10-12 years, maybe 15 max. Dizzy is 9 next March....

    Probably wont be watching The Supervet again for a while.

  • I think its the time of year for it.

    I am clearing out the bodies / body parts of roughly 2-3 mice a week at the moment.

    Saturday I caught him hiding a dead mouse under the corner of the rug, Sunday i woke up to a stomach and intestine left next to his food bowl. Monday evening 4-5pm he brought home another and crunched his way through it leaving the stomach and intestines (always leaves these). Tuesday he took a break, and this morning i woke up to a decapitated mouse and another live one being chased around the room. I managed to catch this one and let it go back into the garden.

    This is the little git...

  • Mrs Tango130 having working from home issues today!

  • Not sure what has happened to my two, they have recently started drinking out of our water glasses and also being really in your face around food that we are eating or preparing. Not sure what has changed, their water is in the same bowl as always and their diet hasn't changed. There always seem to be hungry now again they are getting the same amount of food. It's really strange and bloody annoying.

  • Supervet sucks - the format is: 4 animals in horrible pain, he heals 3 and the last dies. Emotionally manipulative bollocks. He even has a dog festival in Windsor Great Park every year - my ex forced me to go last year - pay £30 to see a few dozen stalls selling more dog stuff you don't need. Fucking gouging charlatan.

  • My friends vet has recommended that their dog Bertie goes to see the supper vet, when they rang to make an appointment they were asked about being part of the TV programme so listened to the spiel turns out you pay to be on it... They declined to go on the show as it's going to cost a fortune to fix Mr Bertie.

  • So your friend declined to go on TV and in turn they declined to fix the cat? Or am I reading this wrong?

  • fixed that for you.

  • Ok here goes,

    literally just got in from a savage ride home to find my main man Chilli has passed on. The fat shit has pretty much been my best mate for the last 5 years being there for me every time i needed him to be. I know i have to take him to a vets to have him cremated but as he's only 8 i'm pretty surprised/shocked this has happened. All my previous cats growing up have been ancient before moving on so i'm wandering should i have him checked out first as i've know idea how this could of happened? I'm still trying to reach his co-owner/my other half but i was wandering if anyone has had a similar experience and what did they do? Is it normal to have them checked out if it's unexplained? Sorry i've never contributed anything here before and if this is all a bit wooden and sad, i pop in here from time to time and am always cheered up by the love for you all have for your furry friends, could do with a little advice as i feel pretty fucked right now, cheers x

  • If he had a weak heart it could have happened at any time without warning, unfortunately. Lost ours a couple of weeks ago - everything normal, but came back in the evening to find her in her death throes.

  • Oh mate, I am sorry this's happened. If he was outdoor, maybe posion?

    I'd personally be keen to leave it becasue why put him through anymore? I'd want to know just for peace of mine, but I'd also be keen to let him go in peace. If you see what I mean?

    Unless of course you have other cats and are concerned about their living environment (outdoor)?

  • Cheers, i think as @Errol experience it could just be one of those things, he did always have a heart murmur although we had him checked out 2 months ago and he had a clean bill of health. I've checked him over and there's no sign of an accident or interference, no vomit or bile and he was on the sofa where he likes to be and my understanding is that when a cat senses a problem they find a quiet spot. My girlfriend is home now and although very upset has agreed we should have him checked out so even if it turns out to be something unpleasant we'll have some kind of closure. i've wrapped him in his blanket and as the vet advised put him in the garage where it's cool.

  • Take care both of you. These little furry things could really find a way be so embedded in our lives...

  • Another day, another mouse carcass (this one just missing its head).....that's a mouse a day so far this week.

  • What she said.

    RIP chili

  • So sorry to hear your sad news. They are definitely part of the family and a sudden loss is such a shock. Rest in peace Chilli.

  • Sorry to hear about Chilli

    RIP Chilli

  • Anyone's cats eat James Wellbeloved dry food? I am thinking of switching from Royal Canin to either them or Lily's Kitchen, just because both brands seem to have better ingredients.

    I have samples from lily's kitchen coming, so that's covered, but James Wellbeloved wouldn't send me any sample and their smallest bag is 1.5kg, which could mean a lot of waste. says they'd do a 50% refund in the case of cat no like, and I can keep the bag. If that's the case, anyone wants a bag of free dry food if things don't wory out?

  • Royal Canin use grain to bulk their food out that isn't great for cats.
    We use Purizon, its pretty cheap from Zooplus and doesn't have any grains.

  • If you've got amazon prime James Wellbeloved can work out quite cheap to try

  • @Sumo, hence the change, but as you probably know, they can be so annoying when it comes to food.

    @nauls, just looked, it is about £1.5 cheaper than fetch, so would go with amazon if it were a regular thing, but fetch is happy to effectively sell me a bag for a fiver if the cat doesn't want it, so I think 1st bag will be on fetch.

  • Patch is 6 today, or according to Battersea, 25 Nov is supposed to be her birthday. Hey ho...

    Anyway, this year there will be no birthday dinner for her as she'd been throwing up regularly the past few weeks so vet has put her in a very mean diet for which she is not happy about...

    Double Christmas dinner next month will be in order, I guess...

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The Cat Thread

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