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  • My cat is utterly rubbish at hunting. He goes out and tries to nab stuff from the tree all the time but has never caught anything.

    In fact, he tends to get hunted, if anything.

    Heard war cries last night and he ran in all fluffed up and hid under the table. Guessing a fox. Again.

    It's easy to get jelly of their seemingly easy life of lolling around on sofas all day but they do kind of face some very real existential threat when they go out unsupervised.
    Imagine being fed and petted everyday and not knowing what "work" means but there were monsters outside that tried to eat you.

  • Imagine being fed and petted everyday and not knowing what "work" means but there were monsters outside that tried to eat you.

    Like being born rich and stupid.

  • that's another perspective...

    but this monster, inside my house, regularly tries to eat me!

  • Is there a forum approved delay feeder thingy? Fleur demolishes her days ration of biccys within seconds and then has to go without til her wet food at tea time.
    Is there a feeder that can deliver a predetermined weight every couple of hours?

  • buy dry food that she doesn't like, so she only eats it when she is hungry...

  • Sam has been missing for almost 14 hours. He is rarely out for longer than 2 hours at a time. It's freezing outside.

  • Sadly it isn't good news. It looks like Sammy died yesterday from a heart attack. He didn't suffer. He was a great companion and friend and I spoiled him silly.

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  • Oh no :( I'm so sorry.

  • @Shoosh ...ouch, sad news about the little guy. maybe he went and stayed out because he sensed it and searched for a quiet place. sorry for your loss :-(

  • Thank you both. I think he sensed it because yesterday morning he sat up at the window for ages, far longer than normal. He had a great life and I know he couldn't have wanted for more. I'm quite philosophical about cats, many will pass through our long lives, and I will start to look for a kitten very shortly.

  • What??? I am so sorry @Shoosh. I was just thinking about you and Sam yesterday, like I haven't seen you here for a while and was about to send you a message... hope you are OK?

  • So sorry to hear that, I'm sure he had a very happy life with you.

  • I took a sickie today and our six month old kittens/cats have been keeping me company. I love them.

    Winston (Winnie, foreground) and Nelson (in the background). Brother and sister, from Harringey.

    While I'm here, does anyone have any tips to help Nelson figure out the cat flap? They are both chipped and Winnie can come and go as she pleases but Nelson hasnt figured out how to push the flap yet. It's an electric one we got that learns their chip code. We had a problem with other cats coming in.. Is there anything I can do or is Nelson maybe just a bit dim?

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  • I'm sorry to hear about Sammy 😞

  • Someone can stand the other side with some enticing food

  • Thanks. I've sent you PM. I haven't been too well.

  • Thanks. I know he had the best life ever. Lord and master of all he surveyed.

  • I tried that, didn't work.. maybe have another go in the morning.

  • I found pushing him through the cat flap a few times made it easier. And then standing on the other side calling with treats. Let him get used to the movement.

  • @Shoosh so sorry to hear. He was clearly well loved and lived well.

  • Sorry for your loss <3

    @boydsbikes - Dreamies. Next...

  • So I finally had to make that decision. I tried so hard not to get upset when I took him to the vets, I know they pick up on your feelings. I'm now left feeling lost, lonely & like a part of me is missing.

    The decision was for him though, not me. Farewell you little stinker, I loved you so much & will be eternally grateful for you helping me through my darkest moments, I'll miss you my little best friend x

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  • What we did with ours:

    Day 1-2:
    Switch chip reader on flap off so that the flap allows cat in and out without reading. The clicking noise of the lock mechanism would spook our cats at the beginning.

    Use masking tape or a lump of blutack to keep door wide open so that cats can move freely in and out without having to push the flap. Leave this for the day while the cats get used to it. Encourage them to go through using treats and toys.

    About half way into day one or the following day switch the chip reader back on so that it clicks as they go though.

    Day 2-3:
    Now you want to lower the flap slightly (about one third of the way down) so that cats start to get used to the flap being in the way, and yet still very easy for them to get through. We used a big lump of blutack to keep the flap ajar. The big issue with this is that when the cats are in the house the flap needs to be ajar outwards so they may squeeze through, and when they are outside you want the flap ajar inwards to the house so again they may fit through. We did this part on a Saturday when we were at home and could monitor where the cats were. Ours tend not to go far and are in and out a lot which helped with this.

    Day 3-4:
    Lower flat a bit further (about two thirds or more, again use blutack) so that there is a bit of a gap but they really have to push through with their head. Again same issue as above.

    After they get used to the last stage you can remove blutack and fingers crossed the cats should be able to use the flap as normal. I guess it will help if your cat sees the other one using the flap. Our two learnt this over 2-3 days.

    We did this over the summer when the cats were keen to go outside. I can’t imagine trying to do this now as all they want to do is sleep on the sofa!

    Hopefully the above made sense and good luck!

  • @Shoosh
    Sorry to hear this. Glad to hear that he didn’t suffer.

    I remember you posting quite some time ago about Catface and then noticed you hadn’t posted for for ages. Figured the worst had happened. Sorry for your loss. Hope you are OK.

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The Cat Thread

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