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  • he's been out there all day sleeping under the benches, the receptionist informs me he's had at least another two pigeons.

    I think he lives here now.

  • I find it hard to morn pigeons

    Let's hope they keep him busy for the sake of the other wildlife

  • My colleagues have been rejoicing about the predicted decline in Pigeon shit on the path to reception.

  • Just booked the moggies into a cattery for our holiday in July. This will be the first time they've been away from home. Any suggestions on how to prepare them?

  • tell them you're not their real dad.

  • Tell them you are their real father

    *Darth Vadar / Skywalker NOoooooooooo scene.jpg*

  • Any tips on keeping my cat cool saturday? Expected temps around 37C/98.6F outside. That's about 42C/107.6F inside. She's an inside cat....

    Currently thinking about emptying my (small) fridge, putting a towel in there and put something in front so the door won't close but I have no idea if that works.

  • I like the idea... but if she likes it she might claim it as her new bed for the rest of the summer.

  • Don't care, I'll get another fridge just for her. Just hoped someone had a better solution.

  • Just hoped someone had a better solution.

    Put her in a cool room - close the curtains and leave them closed - with a water bowl with ice in it. And maybe a fan to circulate the air.

    Fridge plan won't work, as the door needs to be closed for the fridge to function effectively.

    Alternately sneak cat in to air conditioned office

  • And maybe a fan to circulate the air.

    PRO FAN TIP: put a 2 litre water bottle filled with tap water in the freezer until it freezes solid. Remove frozen bottle from freezer and put in front of fan. Switch fan on. Rejoice as room receives a continuous stream of tiny ice-cold droplets into its air.

  • It's an apartment, only has 1 door inside next to the toilet and that's the bedroom. Also the only place with curtains. Might do that yeah.

    effectively, I don't care, as long as she doesn't die from the heat. bowl with ice is doable. Will do that.

    Makes me think, might look for those icepacks. Don't have any but might be able to buy them somewhere. Freeze them and put some on the floor so she can sit on them if she wants.

  • in southern spain they have lots of open water which evaporates and cools the hot places
    splosh loads of water around and create a draft

  • Draft is nearly impossible. I got a small window at the back that can open like in this picture:

    That's all there is...

  • Someone I work with has built this for their cat:

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  • Someone you work with?

  • The box looks ghetto but the cat is Rad. needs a top hat.

  • Mine are happy jumping in and out of the window (mostly)

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  • ..haha, that first photo is awesome!

  • Today must be particularly difficult for those in permanent fur-coats. I might try that ice box thing posted above.

  • Having to keep an eye on the cat because of the baby Swallows getting flying lessons in the garden.
    Good job she sleeps all day, the lazy get.

  • The princess seems to have gone on a hunger strike... so there seems to be a national shortage of supply of Kitty's usual brand of wet food... OK I only went to 3 shops... anyway, so I bought another brand, which is just as premium... everytime I open the tin, she comes running, I put the food in her bowl, she sniffs twice, licks once... then walks away... sometimes I really hate my cat!

  • Fridges work by taking the heat out of the stuff/space inside, and radiating it out the back, effectively. They aren't perfectly efficient, so if you managed to keep the fridge working while the door was open all that would happen would be the room would just get hotter... They don't just magically make cold.

    When water changes to water vapour, or ice to water, it takes heat out of its surroundings, so it's not just the low temperature that cools the air if you blow a fan over it, it's the energy it takes (in the form of heat, out of the air) to change phase.

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The Cat Thread

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