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  • Doesn't even know it's Christmas

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  • Matchy nose

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  • Time to go back to London- can I find Higgs? No I canโ€™t.

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  • Why is James coned?

  • We got a kitten :o she's called Pepper and is very sweet :)

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  • Kitchen colour chosen makes a lot of sense now.

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  • Helping

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  • lol

  • Out in the garden earlier and heard a distressed cat. Turns out it's this silly sod stuck on the roof of the block of flats on Hastings Close in Peckham. RSPCA are coming to rescue it. Anyone know anybody who is missing a grey and white cat in the area?

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  • Update: just been into the building with the RSPCA officer and there's a locked door we need the council to open. Of course you can't get hold of anyone at the weekend so poor cat will have to wait until the morning.

  • It's going down to -5 tonight ๐Ÿ˜ข

  • The bit that juts out on the left is the boiler house, he does disappear for long periods so hopefully he's been going in there. That's the room we need the key for.

  • My lovely babycat died last night. My best friend.

  • Very sorry for you

  • Oh no so sorry to hear this. It's awful ๐Ÿ˜”

  • I was hoping to take her all over Europe.

  • How old was she? What happened

  • She was 9. I let her out for her early evening pee and forgot that the downstairs neighbours are away, meaning she couldn't do her usual procedure of asking them to let her back in. Then I forgot she was out. I heard her calling from the street (three floors down) but didn't connect the noise with her. I have ME and the brain fog was bad. At 11.30 I finally realised she hadn't had her supper, so I searched the flat, then remembered she was outside and searched for a long time. Finally found her on the pavement. Skull broken, hit by a car. She had probably been trying to get back in for 3 or 4 hours but couldn't because nearly all the people in the building are still away for their Christmas break. So I failed her, and she's dead. The best thing in my life. She's on my lap now. Have hardly let go of her since I found her. My best friend. She wanted me to be a mother to her and I loved doing it. We were like two peas in a pod, doing everything together. On Saturday we went out for the day, on tubes and trains, going to coffee shops and so on. Which was great, because it meant I was carrying/cuddling her for much of the day and she was having an adventure with lots of new things and people to look at. But it was also very tiring, hence the brain fog last night. So if I hadn't overtaxed myself and mismanaged my ME, I'd have got her indoors and she'd be alive, probably for another 10 years. I've never cried so much. Not even when my parents died.

  • My goodness. It sounds like you had an excellent time together so try and focus on that. I hope you don't beat yourself up too much, although your reaction is totally understandable.

  • Heartbreaking story. So sorry.

  • So sorry to hear this Nick, look after yourself

  • So sorry you have lost your friend. Try not beat your self up. Think of the good times you gave her and had together. You gave her a great life.

  • Sorry to hear this, truly.

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The Cat Thread

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