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  • Although I already have one of them

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  • and this fat penguin

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  • How did he get there? Or is he just a floating cat head?

  • They are fully charged when the lights glow.

  • Trying to upload a video -

    Today I was out on the brompton...ok I was going to Mcdonalds/burgerking to get a milkshake, saw a small black kitten so I stopped and started meowing and talking to the cat. In French, english and Italian. The little cat was skitish so I left him, when I walked back to the bike I heard a loud meow. So I meowed back while looking for the source of the meow.

    Found the source, a tabby cat on a letter box meowing at me. Very loudly, my cat translation was thinking the tabby cat is shouting at me as I woke him. So wander over and found the most amazing attention sump of a cat. He was not happy with just one hand rubbing his ears, neck and both side of his body.

    When I stopped the fuss he got very vocal as this was not on and he even grabbed my arm with both front paws and drew my arm in and the licked me ferociously. He was not happy that I had to answer a call and the cat meowed loudly enough to be heard on the phone call.

    Was a happy day.

  • He jumps from the windowsill

  • When you have a new bell on your collar so you have to stay really, really still...

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  • We're off on holiday in August, as many other people are - including the lady who has looked after our cats in the past.

    Would anyone be interested (in return for cash money) popping in to feed James (AKA, Mr Biscuits) and Higgs twice per day in SE London?

  • If I went via the South circular for my commute, I could probably do it at 8:30 & 18:00

  • Freshly made bed, don't mind if I do

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  • Tried catinaflat?

    We use them when we go away and they've always been good.

  • .

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  • Anyone using a GPS tracking collar? Experiences? Recommendations? Ta

  • My local vet has responded to a litany of online reviews saying he overcharges by getting a Range Rover with personalised number plate that looks like it’s over £10k on its own😂

  • hahaha

  • Sunday morning floof

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  • Ziggy loves bed changing day

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  • Late reply but I’ve heard quite a few people having success with an Airtag.

    Obviously they only work in urban environments and work best with iPhones.

  • We lost Jam very briefly, AirTag was useless. It doesn’t work if the tag is moving

  • Good to know.

    Ours are indoor cats so I have no need for one or any idea what I’m talking about :)

  • Downward facing cat

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The Cat Thread

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