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  • Mine would love to go in a planter, a perfect combination of a box, a mess and a sun trap. They spend quite a lot of time staring at my neighbour's garden, where there are loads of planters and pot plants and hanging baskets. If my cats had anything to do with it, those hanging baskets would not be hanging for long...

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  • Ha ha, great shot!

  • Comfy

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  • This is so cute! Like a sofa hammock hybrid.

  • Beautiful cat - why is he/she in jail in the first picture though?!

  • I moved the cats' breakfast time forward by half an hour, as they're normally rampaging about pre-breakfast and I thought this might make them chill out a bit? Meabh was so excited by this early (in her mind, possibly extra) breakfast that she ate hers really quickly, then jumped up onto the bed and was sick on my pillow.

  • Two different cats 😂 they're brothers though so they have the same markings
    There are a large number of reasons why Ziggy should be in kitty jail. He's very naughty

  • The markings are amazing, the definition around the nose is like a painting.

  • It's her latest spot obsession. She makes a little routine for herself, including putting herself "to bed" around 9.30 / 10 each night as they get shut in the kitchen (where the sofa is) overnight.

    She's such a sweetheart.

  • Meabh used to be obsessed with the back of the sofa, but only ever looking "in" to the sofa, never facing the other way. Absolutely love it when cats put themselves to bed too, mine do it and look at me with disgust on a friday night when I'm staying up late and making a racket.

  • While it looks like Celeste is helping me with the laundry, actually she's livid that I am in the kitchen doing something other than put out cat food (the only thing the kitchen is good for, in her opinion).

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  • Cannoli has developed a little cough the past few days. This started when he came in from the garden choking/almost gagging as if he'd eaten something (he does eat just about anything that flies/crawls).

    He didn't seem himself for a few hours but then had some kitten milk and drank the lot. He's not been off his food and he's not been sick at all.

    He does seem to be excessively grooming and scratching a lot (no sign of fleas or skin irritation). He's on dried food.

    Not sure if it's something or nothing really

  • Cats mask pain to avoid appearing weak so any outward sign should be looked into.

    I would definitely consult a vet to be on the safe side.

    Having said that, Hendricks was sick in early 2021 and the vet said he had kidney failure and a few weeks to live. He’s still alive and still a total cunt as of today so 🤷🏼♂️

  • Fast asleep in this position

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  • Same

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  • A couple of the neighbours cats are quite attentive when I'm out nearby these days.

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  • New kitten learning how to share with her big brother.

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  • And growing at an alarming rate . She is the loudest most vocal cat we have ever had.
    And don’t take no shit from either of the other two Maine coons we have. Swiftly becoming the boss.

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  • Haha - look at her little boss face!

  • Indeed 😅

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The Cat Thread

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