The Cat Thread

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  • I'm most impressed by the fact that your sofa appears to be intact.

  • Apparently that cat sharpens it's claws directly on the wooden floor 😬

  • A big concern when I moved house was that my new place has wooden floors (whereas the old flat had tiles). So far the cats haven't discovered the joys of scratching the shit out of the floor, although (possibly more annoying) they sharpen their claws on the bottom of the mattress, mainly when I am asleep.

  • Would Planet Organic or Wholefoods Market have ready grown wheat/oat grass plants for sale? Or anywhere else? Ours has just decided she will be eating grass and vomitting it up on our duvet to wake us up.

  • Delicious roof juice..

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  • Orpheus really can't stand the thought of humans having food and not involving him.

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  • Ha ha ha!

  • awesome determination

  • Awesome.

  • Legend enjoying the first rays of sunshine in 2022.

  • Doesn't look too happy about it

  • He never does, this is no exception haha.

  • I really want to tickle his chin. He looks like he'd kill me for it, but I'd do it anyway.

  • Can't make any promises you'll make it out alive...

    J/K obviously, he's the sweetest thing and loves the attention. Not too keen on strangers in the beginning but that's only for the better imo.

  • Goat milk keffir - yum!

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  • Dizzy has an upset tummy. This means diarrhoea, and on a Maine Coon this is not good news at all. Two days ago we had to put her in the bath and shower down her rear end while massaging the semi-dried shit out of her fur - she doesn’t struggle too badly but she obviously isn’t keen on it. There was some more the next morning, which I had to wash out with warm water and kitchen towel, and she’s come in this morning with more poo stuck to the back of her legs and around her butt, so it’ll wash time in the next half hour.
    We’ve also had to restrict her to dry food, which is hard on her as she loves her Sheba soup twice a day, but she’s taking it well. She’s on the bed now, the throw is very messy and there’s a faint whiff of shit in the bedroom. The joys of having a cat.

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  • erghh.

    get well soon Dizzy.

  • Thanks. The good news is that the diarrhoea seems to have passed. I’ve not had to wash her since Sunday morning and she went out for a dump this evening and came back clean, so she was treated to some soup. She was so pleased she purred while eating. She’s now relaxing in her tipi, in preparation for a hard night’s sleep.

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  • Tipi is awesome :-)

  • You’ll note we had to put a box in it to get her to go in it!

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  • Anyone have any experience with having one indoor-only cat and one indoor-outdoor cat in the same household? As Ralph is a wobbly cat he's a bit vulnerable and we've been advised to keep him indoors. Saffron on the other hand can definitely look after herself, and it seems a bit cruel to keep her inside just for Ralph's sake. We've been keeping them both indoors since we got them 4 months ago with the plan to let Saff out in spring once the weather gets a bit better. I've put off thinking about the logistics until now as it really gives me a headache. Current thinking is that we get a microchip catflap and have it locked to 1 way so that Saff can only ask to be let outside, and get back in by herself, and Ralph won't be able to get out, but if he does manage to escape he can also get back in in an emergency. I think that should be simple enough but I do worry about Ralph squeezing outside when Saffron 'activates' the cat flap, and also have a feeling he's not going to be very happy watching his best mate run around outside while he's stuck indoors

  • We've been doing this for years - mounted a microchip cat-flap backwards, so it allows Higgs out but not James, but both of them can come straight in.

  • That's reassuring, cheers! Are you able to stop neighbourhood cats getting in with that arrangement? We have about 5-6 cats that regularly visit our garden so I'd want to make sure they don't have free access too

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The Cat Thread

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