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  • That pic is the highlight of my day so far :-)

  • Anyone elses have a thing for sheepskin?
    Apparently it's a thing. I don't like the idea of buying skins/furs however. It was a gift

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  • We’ve got one of the Game of Thrones-esque faux fur rugs from IKEA that our 2 are big squishers of.

  • Happy Birthday! 🙂

  • Celeste has identified where my black t-shirts are kept and that's where she's decided she will sleep from now on. Monster.

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  • Waily (old local bruiser) had a big proper rolling around bitey fight with the new local bruiser earlier which I had to break up by throwing water at them both. An hour later he's come in., He's got cuts to his face and ears but is now purring on my lap so hopefully he only has superficial damage. New cat looks like a polar bear, looks like he's finally met his match.

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  • 🤣🤣🤣

  • Is it worth while to try and clean the cuts?

  • Yeah I'm going to give it a go when he's properly asleep

  • Heal up Waily.

  • How's Waily doing?

  • He's ok, spent a couple of days in the house looking sorry for himself but he's back going out now and seems a bit happier. His cuts all look good.

  • Poor boy! Hopefully that scrap has established a pecking order and they will avoid each other from now on.

  • Hi cat people of lfgss,
    I've been scrolling through this thread for a while, however never posted pics of the beats i live with called Fluffy.
    I met this little fluffy fella three years ago when i moved to cable st where he was born and bread. He grew up in the bike workshop which used to be there and through the people form around I got to know about lfgss and got more into cycling and such.
    Situation changed, we had to leave and so Fluffy moved with me :)

    Unfortunately Fluffy got very ill recently and had to be hospitalised, operated and had a long and stressful recovery. I didn't have an insurance for him as I never actually intended to have a pet and just didn't think of it. I set a fundraiser to try cover at least a bit of the expenses. I thought I'd try to share it here as well. Any donations or shares will be very appreciated .
    Attaching pictures of Fluffy enjoying siesta on friends omnium, Fluffy in the workshop - always to be the first one there when something's going on :)

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  • Donated. Get well soon Fluffy.

  • Here's a cat in a box :-)

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  • In terms of my experience (FWIW) of 16 years of James and 11 years of Higgs, what they're prepared use in terms of litter tray differs - James is a big fan of this one where he jumps in from the top:

    But Higgs simply can't work it out.

    In terms of feeders, we used to use an automated one for Higgs, but it does nothing to stop James stealing her food, so we now have two microchip reading ones:

    Which they both use.

    The other thing about moving from an automated system to a manual one is that James (being old and arthritic) needs medicine every morning, so automation doesn't work from that perspective.

    We also found that both cats coats are (very) noticeably better in terms of condition when they have wet food in addition to the dry food, so we give them both at each mealtime now.

    They eat at ~9am and ~9pm each day.

    Toys - they quite like these stuffed fish, with some catnip inside, but as has been said they'll spend hours playing with e.g. a dry leaf, ignoring the toys you bought for them.

  • ChasnotRobert Thank you :))

    Fishy is popular

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  • Can highly recommend jigsawing a hole in the bottom of your microchip feeder and placing on top of an automatic rotary feeder if you want a little bit of automation back in your life. Medication in a pill pocket placed on top of the meal has not failed to be consumed yet.

  • Can confirm fishy or catnip banana are the only toys Waily goes mad for, although the banana doesn't last long before he absolutely shreds it to pieces. Fishy has a bit more longevity and you can buy catnip spray to put on it to top it up.

  • .

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  • My two also have a fishy but it's lost somewhere. Quite incredible that they're able to lose so many things, given that they're indoor cats. Lost in the apartment at the moment: fishy, three balls, mousey, a box of tissues, two pinbadges (my fault for letting the cats get near them).

  • I reckon Jam has a stash of about 20 biros somewhere in our flat.

  • I came home tonight to find my cats chasing this toy around. I did not buy this toy. I live alone. They are indoor cats. What..........

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The Cat Thread

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