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  • Cats are largely solitary animals, they much prefer the undivided attention of their humans. Plus, more than 5 or 6 starts putting you firmly into Mad Cat Man/Woman territory.

  • I'll try. Such a chilled cat just sat in the middle of a quiet lane. Was very happy with a head scratch too.

  • James (short hair) keeps picking a fight with Higgs (long hair).

    James is always the aggressor, which shows that he's not that clever because he can't get through Higgs fur, but she has (literally) knocked lumps out of his head.

    Before we went out today we shut the door between the sitting room/kitchen and the rest of the house, with one cat on each side.

    James, despite having ready access to his litter tray, and said tray having fresh litter and being clean, then pissed on the doormat. I find this annoying.

    So, fellow cat owners - how do I stop the beige terror from pissing where he should not, and how do I stop him picking a fight with Higgs for long enough that his head heals?

    Bonus points for tips on how to get cat piss out of doormats.

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  • Friends had a similar problem and consulted a cat psychologist. When two cats in one dwelling are enemies, the aggressor needs two or three litter trays. If there are cat flaps, each cat needs its own one. It's all about territory and smells. James wants dominance. He might compromise if he has more than Higgs, but he might not settle down until their zones are fully separated.

    Sunshine eventually kills even the worst cat piss smell. If bleach and so on don't work, just leave the doormat outside for a few weeks.

  • Higgs doesn't have a litter tray, but she has a cat flap - James can't use the cat flap as he lost cat flap privileges some years ago, so he has a litter tray.

  • Sunshine eventually kills even the worst cat piss smell


  • he lost cat flap privileges some years ago

    What did he do?!

  • Something to do with UV light and bacteria? Maybe. Science isn't my strong point. I once rescued a suitcase which had been doused with every known cleaning agent, but the cat stink never quite disappeared. I left it on the roof for a month. Now it can actually have human clothes put in it.

    As an alternative to sunshine you can use UV bulbs. Which are also good for extending the life of a camera lens by killing any mould spores. (More of a problem with vintage lenses I think.) You can put a bulb inside a cardboard box so the UV light doesn't have undesirable effects.­s-uv-light-kill-mold/ I seem to remember that some people do this to sanitise pre-worn shoes....other people's fungus can be very persistent. The bloke who discovered Tutankhamun's tomb was killed by the Pharaoh's fungus.

  • Perhaps Higgs used the tray because she didn't want to go outside, or she wanted to dominate James? You could buy two more trays and see what happens.

  • Started spending almost all his time at a neighbours, which meant he got very thin and then very ill, resulting in a lot of vet time and permanent medication with his breakfast- which he has to be here to ensure he has.

  • Higgs has never used James’s tray because she can’t get in it- it’s a top entry one and she can’t work it out.

  • Length of fur comparison, provided by the cats themselves:

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  • I don't have any more third-hand tips I'm afraid. Maybe it's time to buy a cat psychology book? Your scenario sounds quite unusual, what with the cats having such different regimes, and the imbalance in the fighting.

  • Will it give Hats a shiny coat? 😂

    Count me in!

  • I love that Higgs doesn't know how to get in the tray. Poor silly Higgs.

  • I have one short haired cat and one long haired cat. Short haired (and not overly bright) Meabh attacks long haired Celeste. Celeste repeatedly throws Meabh to the ground and I often find little scabs on her head. Meabh doesn't seem to mind. Then they curl up together on the bed. I've given up trying to stop them fighting.

  • interesting.
    I dont think I know my cats very well :/
    I always thought Fred was more dominant cos hes more of a lap cat. Norman (his brother) is way more needy and vocal but usually flops just out of reach.
    Norman usually instigates. Freddie d0esnt really like it but can y9lerate it for a bit. Theyve been a bit worse recently. We are staying with my cousin et partner and im at the top.of the house and they dont come to me at all. Fred has dermitits again and is spendig a lot of time avpiding the house or in his litter tray.
    They dont cuddle up together anymore.
    Theyre still lovely to each other outside its just inside.
    TBH tberes a lot of depression in tbis house... maybe its that... my poor babies!
    Whats the book???

  • I don't know! Not read any. But surely the cat psychologists have a reading list? (Or do they just make it all up?)

  • Vets trip today

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  • Jaffa spends his time moving between blankets in the house at this time of year. What a life.

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  • Caught in the kitchen licking oil out of a frying pan. For the third time.....

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  • Haha. Busted!

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The Cat Thread

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