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  • How can I get Méabh to stop licking my head every morning? I'm very flattered at the affection but she has a ridiculously rough tongue and I can't deal with being abraded every morning from 6am.

  • Rub citrus oil on your head before bed? 😂 Cats don't like citrus

  • Cats don't like Peanut Butter 😁

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  • There is nothing you can do.

  • My cat has quite an adverse reaction to fleas, he gets scabby. Then he gets bald. Weve got on top of the flea situatuon but the poor boy is really stressed out. He sleeps in his litter tray. (Its not being used) this morning he came for a cuddle in bed, first time in weeks.
    He has a brother, maybe hes stressing him out a bit too?
    Im taking him to the vets I think, what should I expect?

  • My cat also has a similar reaction. We don't exactly know why, but we suspect it's fleas as he will occasionally get scabby around the common flea areas like the base of the tail. He then starts to over-groom and pull off his fur. Our vet gives him an anti-inflammatory injection, which helps immediately, then the same in pill form to keep the itching at bay and promote hair regrowth.

    So if it is fleas, it could be that the allergic reaction only lasts a small while, but the resulting dermatitis lasts longer. The other option is a stressful event that causes a bit of miliary dermatitis, that then snowballs.

    Would be interested to hear what your vet says/does.

  • Just a pic I shot around the corner earlier this afternoon. Not impressed with the choice of extra strong beer that was left on the sill, maybe it should have been Van Purr...

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  • Thankyou for that.
    Youre a direct hit, I think my ex still has his pills from the last time.
    We broke up 3 months ago so hes in a new environment, he was fine until recently but we did notice the fleas quite early.

    £200 will be enough I hope, I know its selfish but Ive not much money and looking for my own place to rent, Im worried another move will set him off again too.

    Hes so handsome usually.

  • Elegance and grace. Trying to convince him that he's an inside cat and failing miserably.

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  • Saffron, behaving normally as ever.

    (edit) hang on...

  • Rub citrus oil on your head before bed? 😂 Cats don't like citrus

    I heard that lion piss is more effective

  • Will it give Hats a shiny coat? 😂

  • Fleur was much more cheerful this morning before work. Back to her bullshit of knocking stuff off the coffee table and unplugging my phone charger while hiding under the sofa.

    Lizzie’s home this evening. I might attempt to film their moment of reunion.

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  • Coonie?

    Lilac Somali IIRC

    This is our Ruddy Somali.

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  • That’s just beautiful.

  • Met this cute thing on a run today

  • Cats are so beautiful...I wish I could have 20. Or 50. But mine hates all living things, except foxes.

  • You need to run more often! And take more pics of this beauty for our benefit! 😬

  • I don’t. Imagine the amount of shit you need to scoop! I would only have that many if I could pay or a dedicated slave for them!

  • Morning butt groom for Dizzy. This was just a couple of minute’s worth. Close-up you can see how light and frizzy her hair is, which is why she needs constant grooming.

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The Cat Thread

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