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  • Ralph got a nasty scratch on his chest, presumably from a playfight with Saffron that went a bit too far. He won't stop licking it so to help it heal we've made him a little turtleneck out of some old tights. Think he looks quite classy!

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  • Oh my god! 😂

  • Judgement cat watches your form!

  • Maggie knows what's what!

  • I can't stop laughing at him, he looks so sweet/ridiculous in it. He's also the most chill cat I've ever met, didn't bat an eyelid when we put it on him and he's just carried on going about his business. Saffron on the other hand would have scratched my eyes out by now I reckon

  • Looking for spot-on flea treatment recommendations. I got Stronghold from my vets but it works out to around £12 a month, which I thought seemed high?

  • My son has been suddenly introduced to the lows of cat ownership. Five months ago after moving into a house in Watford with his girlfriend and her cat, he went and got himself a wee kitten and named it Reggie, after his favourite pupil when he was teaching in Seoul. Last weekend Reggie went missing and hasn’t been seen since. He’s done all the stuff like social media, posters and scouring the streets, all to no avail. By last night he was resigned to having lost him for good, as he’s probably too young to survive much longer on his own in the crappy weather we’ve been having, and without food. I’m keeping my fingers crossed, but it’s not looking good ☹️

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  • No, that’s about usual. £12 to keep your chum itch-free is worth it.

  • By last night he was resigned to having lost him for good, as he’s probably too young to survive much longer on his own in the crappy weather we’ve been having, and without food.

    Fabric disappeared for nearly a month in winter when he was not much older than a kitten. It turned out he was trapped in a railway arch. He managed to keep himself very well fed. Only lost a little bit of weight. They're survivors!

  • Fingers crossed for Reggie.

  • Should have been a snood for the ultimate retro.

  • Vets for pets do £10 per month for monthly flea treatment, 3 monthly worming treatment and a 6 month nurse visit and a yearly vet visit.

  • Jam has had runny poos for five days now. Saw the vet on Wednesday, they gave him Pro-Kolin but it doesn’t seem to be doing the trick ☹️

    Any ideas / tips? We’ve not changed food or anything. Vet did a blood test to check his kidneys (thought it could have been lilies in the house) but that came back fine.

  • If he’s an outdoor cat it’s probably something he’s picked up outside, a bit of bad food or a slug or similar. 5 days is not good tho, you need to be getting fluids into him if he’s getting dehydrated. After this long you should be going back to your vet for advice

  • That is a bit much... I just paid £55 for 6 months worth from the vet. They use Advocate.

  • Sooo, Fleur is being a bit of a dick. My partner(her best mate) is away for a week. She’s usually wfh so used to spending the day together.
    Fleur won’t settle, no amount of play will wear her out and she gets really bitey while being stroked.
    Keeps trundling around at night meeping loudly, I assume she’s looking for Liz?

    Any tips on how to settle her down til things are back to normal? Have put the feliway on but no change, trying to tire her out a bit but she just seems a bit off.
    Poops etc all fine, eating well(she had a strop the other day and wouldn’t eat the first day Liz was away but back to it now) and drinking plenty of water.

    I’m sure she’ll be fine but not used to seeing her unsettled.

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  • Oh dear, such a grumpy face. I doubt you can win. What about letting her sleep on clothes which smell of Liz?

  • That’s a tricky one as Fleur doesn’t have a dedicated sleeping spot but have put Liz’s hair towel on the back of the sofa(annoyingly Liz did all her washing before going away and I’ve just done all the bedding this afternoon).

    It’s not a case of winning and I don’t mind getting nipped(she never actually bites aggressively), I just don’t like seeing her so anxious as she’s finally started to open up and show some affection.

  • I FaceTime Patch when I am away, she seems to like it, not entirely sure if she recognises me via a computer screen but she defo knows my voice. Is FaceTime or Zoom possible?

  • Vet got him on Hills Prescription which stopped it almost immediately. Weird thing is he’s been eating the same food the whole time so I don’t really understand why it’s now causing squirts. They took a poop sample too so should get the results back in a few days.

    Tried to get him back on Liley’s yesterday, roughly 50/50 mix with Hills, first jobby after the switch went the wrong way. Maybe just have to feed him Hills from now on 🤷🏽♀️

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The Cat Thread

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