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  • Devastating news from my daughter in Glasgow yesterday.
    They had 2 house cats that had never been outside all their lives. Soul showed no interest and no attempt to get out but Luna was always trying to investigate the outside world.
    They used to live in a first floor 'tenement' flat until 2 weeks ago when they all moved into a ground floor maisonette with a big garden.
    Luna got hit by a car outside in the quiet street and died.

    So so depressing 😢

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  • I'm so sorry, that's awful! Poor Luna. And your poor daughter!

  • Oh no sorry to hear this 😔

  • Sorry for your daughter, that’s awful.

  • Ours brought a live rat inside last night, the bastard. While I was fetching gloves and a towel he chased the thing into a speaker where it ferreted about and then went quiet. Speaker currently outside awaiting disassembly. Hopefully rat has fled during the night but I’m fully expecting to find its rotting corpse full of various speaker components.

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  • he chased the thing into a speaker


  • Am so sorry to hear that, also my girl cat is called luna so pathetic me fears that if mine escape.

  • Does anyone take their cat cycling? I saw one recently in a backpack worn by a guy on an electric scooter. It looked very relaxed. I'm going to try mine in a bar bag. I hope she likes it. She loves other forms of travel, inc. car, bus and tube. And she likes being in a courier bag when I'm walking around in town.

  • So I searched this thread and found just the one pic of Sigrid. And I've seen the little cat on youtube which travels with the Scottish chap. And the German lady with her Siamese pair in a basket. It seems that cycling cats are very rare.

  • We’ve had our cat in a front basket for (very) short trips, he seems to like it.

  • Update on the speaker rat situation. Some piss and a couple of turds but monsieur himself apparently survived long enough to clear out. Had to cut out some of the insulation but the speaker seems to be working otherwise. Phew! Not having the cat flap open during the night again, that’s for sure.

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  • Maybe install a rat flap into the speaker to make things easier next time?

  • Maggie, Queen of anything she bloody well likes (especially fresh white bedding).

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  • Careful of weils disease.

  • Or lure it into the kitchen. Should be fairly straightforward after that.

  • weils disease

    I wore gloves.

  • rat flap

    Band names thread >>>

  • Patch has brought in a mouse on Wed, no idea where it is other than I know my flat is pretty mice proof so there should be no way out. I have named the little guy Jeremy.

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  • Patch has a nose like Scarecrow from the Wizard of Oz.

  • Gary - 6 months old and a frequent visitor to our garden.

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  • Ah looks like he is on his chair and his garden...

    Cool white fur and black toe beans.

  • 11 year old Dexter looking a little bit patchy. Diagnosed as diabetic this week and the poor little fella is all over the place.

    Only took him to the vet because he'd started spraying in the house and his rear legs looked a little uncoordinated. Now he's on two insulin shots a day and diabetic food.

    Making me properly sad seeing him struggling so much this week.

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  • He knows absolutely no boundaries bless him. His garden backs onto ours and he’s been outside from very young and is constantly in our house. If the back door is open then Gary is there with bells on. Luckily Maggie can tolerate him, just about.

  • Having my physio exercises supervised

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The Cat Thread

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