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  • By the way, you should look at getting the most expensive plan you could afford and go down if/when you can no longer afford it and/or when the cat gets older. You can always go down with your cover but it’s almost impossible to go up once you have made a claim. I pay £35 a month for £12k cover because that is only about £7 more than the cheapest plan, so I am willing to have less shop bought coffee for that.

    I took out a £3k cover for a tenner because I was only working PT and studying when I first got Patch, she had a lump removed, got full payout but as I started to earn more, JL wouldn’t let me increase cover even if I was willing to put an exclusion on the lump if it reoccurred. It got ugly! They way they spoke to me was also very rude...

    Anyway, when I spoke to Petplan, they told me this is pretty standard across the sector. So even when you have a healthy and young cat, get the highest cover, you never know when you’ll need it and once a claim is made, everything becomes difficult.

    PetPlan did have an time limited exclusion on Patch but I would rather pay out for a potential recurrence of her lump than dealing with JL (RSA). Now the exclusion has expired! 😁

  • Also, you probably know that, some insurers can pay your vet directly, some don’t. With JL, I had to pay them first then claim my money back, without a 100% guarantee than my claim would be successful, they then sent me a cheque! A cheque!

    With Petplan, they preauthorised Patch’s tooth removal a couple of years ago so I didn’t have to pay anything. I think they just took out the £85 excess from my next month direct debit or did they add it to my vet bill? Can’t remember now, point is, I didn’t have to queue up in a bank or fill out any form or even make a call. It was all done via the vet in lightning speed.

  • She’ll lick Vegemite off your fingers, and the salt off a crisp if you hold it out for her.

    Celeste loves crisps so much, she will steal them given half a chance. She also likes chips. Other human food she likes: jianbing (a kind of pancake), yoghurt, pita bread, cinammon rolls... Meabh isn't fussed about crisps but loves apricots and will eat raw carrot. I saw both cats eating a tissue yesterday.

  • Can I employ the cat to be office stress relief?

  • Not to be rude, dizzy is quite a unique breed of cat.

  • Has anyone tried Katkin?

  • Courtesy of my dad - Muffin asking to be let in

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  • hahahaha

  • Someone’s enjoying the late summer sun…

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  • Cats are just odd.

  • Just laying there, on a Friday morning, next to his favourite box...

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  • Turns out Saffron reeeally likes my bike (either that or she was working out if my tyres would make a good scratching post 😬)

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  • Anyone got any experience with a cat carrier backpack? I have been thinking about one for a while. Not for trendy reasons! More because I can’t drive and taking taxi to the vet is a bit expensive. So putting Patch in one of those would give me more options with travelling.

    She has a tooth removal coming up so that should be 3 visits to the vet along, so it’s time to seriously consider if a backpack is a good idea.

  • Why not a conventional carrier and take it on bus/tube? Or even a cargo bike (on some padding). Most backpacks I've seen seem smaller and less comfortable for the cat.

  • I have a problem with my neck so I can’t carry heavy stuff on 1 side, backpack gives me a more balanced weight distribution.

  • This is actually a good idea! 🤣

  • I find carrying out cat carrier 500m to the vets awkward, because of the one sidedness and distance out from your side. Wouldn't want to take the wee beastie too much further like that.

  • I should have train her to use a vest and a lead, so I can walk her to the vet! Too late now! All things considered, I think l’ll just bite the bullet and take the taxi. Our nearest vet is horrible so the next nearest one is about 2 miles out.

  • She really hates being taken anywhere, this is from merely carrying her out from the living room out the front door into the taxi. The car hadn’t even started yet... 🥺🥺🥺

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  • Jesus! Poor puddy. I don’t even have to put Diz in a carrier when we go to the vet, she just sits on the passenger seat and enjoys the view.

  • Yep, have one and a traditional carrier as our two won't fit together in one these days.
    It's good. Not one with a plastic bubble, it's mesh on the front and sides with a structured bottom.
    Much better than the box which is difficult to carry with one arm after a while.
    There were reviews saying their cats had scratched through the mesh but haven't had that issue with our kitties.

  • Have you got a link to your model? Patch is terrified in a box and normally hides herself under a blanket.

  • Are you sure she is not a dog?

  • Pretty sure, tho she’s bigger than the average small dog. She’s off to the vet for her regular check any time soon, I’ll take a pic.

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The Cat Thread

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