The Cat Thread

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  • Another delivery!

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  • Beautiful!

  • Aww! Cannoli loves bags too!

  • Aww, smudger!

  • Cute! Turns out I met your cat's slightly scruffier doppelganger in china in 2010

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  • Oh wow! Maybe it's Méabh's mum?!

  • Cat chez prototype

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  • Looks comfy...

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  • They always manage to find the best seat

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  • A round

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  • Garfield helping with fixing inner tubes.

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  • Dug out a sleeping bag to see if it was worth listing on the Bay. Five minutes later.....

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  • Ralph and Saffron look really naughty!

  • Ha, they are proving to be a real handful actually. They've been properly fighting eachother all day, hissing yowling tearing fur etc., Ever since they saw a neighbour's cat through the window yesterday which seems to have set them off against eachother. Having an exhausting day trying to keep them in separate rooms and slowly get them to be friends again. Worried we'll have to split them up which would be sad as they lived together at their foster home for months in total harmony apparently!

  • My head shrank. Honest.

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  • Mine weren't best friends to begin with but they get on fine now.

    Hopefully yours will settle in a month or so.

  • That's good to know, cheers! By "weren't best friends" do you mean like fully acting like they want to rip eachother's throat out or more like non-contact hissing and yowling?

    Ordered a feliway diffuser which comes highly recommended so hopefully that will help them become friends again!

  • We tried feliway, too hard to know how much difference it made. But worth giving it a go.

    We got Nico (tabby) when Fred (now departed) was quite old. Fred attacked Nico at first. These two never really became friends but Fred did learn to tolerate Nico.

    Then Fred died and we got Stevie (black and white muppet featured above). We assumed Nico would be fine with Stevie as Nico had never been an "only cat" like Fred had been. Turned out not to be the case. Nico bullied Stevie and we had to separate them at first. Within a month most of the violence stopped though.

    Now they get on well with the occasional play fight.

  • Got to meet this little one today. Amazing up close.

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  • They are being arseholes, my two are brother and sister can be cuddling one minute and mortal enemies later with fur flying

  • Yeah that was always the way with my two (when Muff was alive). Tops really dislikes Cannoli though, guess she's just too old to accept another cat. They keep a wide berth. Many swipes from Tops. Feliway did nothing

  • Do you have to keep them separated? We have a tiny house and can't let either outside for a month or so yet so keeping them apart is logistically very tricky, not to mention distressing for whoever's shut in the bedroom

  • Do we get some narrative?

  • The two furry overlords really are funny. Some times chasing after each other, sometimes cuddled up together.

    Can be funny boy is chasing girl then girl is chasing boy. Then after doing this a few times they go and cuddle up together and snooze or groom each other

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The Cat Thread

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