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  • Ha! No idea what works best, I'm just using a standard lamp with one of the bulbs you get these days (can't remember what they are called)

    Yes the little fuckers try and swim but to no avail. Soap breaks the water tension. Without it they can 'surf' along and find the edge of the bowl and climb out. Total bastard things.

  • One of the reasons I like my bike messenger job especially in summer, I get to pet a lot of cats while out delivering :)

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  • Shit.

    Horror show.

  • Now that is a good perk.

  • My wife is one of those people who stop while cycling to work or to visit patients to fuss cats in the street. In fact, she judges how good her day was by how many floofs she gets to pet.

  • It’s also about 400°c out there right now, and she’s sitting on the garden chair. She’s almost too hot to touch.

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  • Doing nothing enjoining the work of others, the pavement.

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  • Grew his highness some grass, he seems quite chuffed

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  • I like your wife's judgement.

  • haha, can relate! my job is to set up bicycle delivery services for pharmacies, in the south of NL mainly, so I work in new (to me) towns every couple of months. I too judge the quality of the towns by how many cats do not run away and hide but come at me and let me pet them when I try to get their attention ;-)

  • come to think of it, we should add it to the job description. in some smaller towns it's sometimes hard to find applicants

  • I too judge the quality of the towns by how many cats do not run away and hide but come at me and let me pet them when I try to get their attention ;-)

    and @jj72

    Simply beautiful!!

  • Had to bring the cat on public transport today.
    Properly not impressed he is.

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  • looks a bit like he's mocking you 🙂

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  • Hahaha, of course

  • I will clean later

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  • Chonky cat overflow cushion

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  • Méabh and Celeste were dicking about in the spare room and Méabh got some fairy lights stuck around her, it scared the shit out of her and she ran backwards and forwards and over and under trying to get them off, making a web of cables and knocking stuff over. Poor cat but it was much funnier than it should have been!

  • No more epic fights since last week, Jaffa jumped in the garden with a bird in his mouth today though. Plopped in down dead and walked off. He just likes the sport of killing things, not bothered after he's done the deed. He does an excellent job of appearing soft as shit though.

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  • Natural born killer

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  • You'd be sorely disappointed in my neighbourhood then... most cats seem very timid and no chance you'd get to pet mine, she runs away from people...

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The Cat Thread

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