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  • A yelp or show that it hurt can some times make them stop. Or a simple Oi! Then no food for 10 mins

  • Me, every day.

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  • No jokes - get a Super Soaker. Most cat owners won't mind you deploying water to discourage and if un neutered then they probably don't care too much.

    Zap him every time he's stalking.

    It's the best you can do short of catching and taking to the vet for a microchip scan. Cats gonna cat.

  • Will get one. In the meantime, have spray gun on hose.

  • Jigsaw help

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  • haha that look, priceless

  • Have no issue with cats being sprayed by water. Even from a hose pipe.

  • Yawning not screaming

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  • Roxeannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnne

  • Ha! Totally!

  • Cat update! Celeste no longer bites at dinner time, though she miaows a lot and weaves around my feet. Training her made me late for work a few times as a theatrical "no! ouch!" was followed by taking the food away for 10 mins, and I generally don't have a spare 10 mins in the morning. Thankfully my colleagues are all cat fanatics too.

    Today we are going to visit a potential new friend for Celeste, a little cat who was rescued from a village where people were throwing things at her. Apparently she is very friendly and sweet. She is 8 months old and got neutered last week - she's currently called Niuniu (妞妞) but we would definitely rename her. I'm keen to get another cat BECAUSE CATS, my boyfriend would like another cat as Celeste is very definitely "my" cat (she follows me everywhere at home) and Celeste, well, I guess she'd like the opportunity to eat double the amount of food.

  • One of our cats goes on sock hunting expeditions around the house. Once she's found a sock, or pair of socks, she takes them to the landing and meeows until one of us gives her some praise, a stroke and takes the sock prize away.

    She's a bit nuts.

  • Does anyone else call their cats by strange nicknames? We call our cat, Kimchi, the following: Tiny Chi (because she is small), Rattachino (because she looked like a rat when she was smaller), Babychino (Baby Chi became Babychino) and Squirmachino (because she never sits still).

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  • Blue goes by Peanut or The Bigman more often than not. Kimchi is cute as fuck!

  • Yeah, our cats have an endlessly evolving series of nicknames.


    Stevie > Stephen > Stephen Bear > Stephen Bears > Stephen Weevens > Weevens > Weebles > Weebs

    And so it goes on. It's ridiculous. But it keeps us amused.

  • Yeah.... Er isn't that normal.

    Mine have many names as well as being called little Chicky, chickypea, and even stinky.

    Also do your cats have middle names?

  • So it is normal.

  • Dizzy, aka Dizzpuss, Lady P, Prof Fluffypants, The Floof Monster, Missy Moo, Miss D, Dizzypuddle, off the top of my head. All the wife’s work, obvs.

  • As I said earlier, it is normal.

  • Put litter tray in the garden then just let them figure it out I think I just emptied some litter on a flower bed an chucked the tray then covered up the litter with fresh soil they get the idea pretty quickly.

  • Boo and Bagpuss

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  • Kimchi is very cute!

    Celeste goes by: Celestical, Celestasia, Little C, Little C cat, C face, Tiantian, Stoaty (because she climbs her cat tree like a stoat), Weasel...

  • Jimmy goes by Kenneth, the late great Kenneth Williams, Kuhn, the Lunchman, Kenbob, Simkins, Bad Boi or Dog. Sure there's more

  • That's a nice portrait!

  • Waily AKA:

    The Duke of Wailington
    You've Got Wail
    Dave Wailsford
    Waily Pants
    Waily Bum
    Waily Chumps

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The Cat Thread

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