The Cat Thread

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  • Condolences to Mrs jj72.

  • Can you rehome a cat? (like on here helped so often with your bikes ;)

    Celia Hammond were always brilliant when I spoke with them.­n/index.php/animals-needing-homes/cannin­g-town-london/8-animals-needing-homes/20­61-gumdrop

  • I'm so sorry to hear this - I'm glad Dizzy is helping on the cuddle front.

  • Aww, thanks all. Diz has been a proper therapy cat for Jenn lately. Her dad’s funeral was this morning at 5am, and yesterday we filmed ourselves in the garden while Jenn read out a poem and a eulogy. Part way through it I heard the cat flap go, and sure enough she meowed loudly and jumped up onto the table where the camera was. Take two....

  • Sorry for your loss. So rough - especially during restrictions.

    Let's be honest though, you got lucky with the empathetic and attentive cat.... could just as easily have been a mega prik. Although even a mega prik is a good distraction.

  • Yeah... wouldn't say friend. Our biggest concern was that Pocket would tear Dot apart, but as yet Dot is unaffected and not at all bothered being the blind eating and cuddling machine she is... Pocket is absolutely terrified of going in any part of the house which may mean encountering her - so she's hiding in our bedroom pretty much 24/7.

  • My condolences to you and your wife. The wonder of our furry overlords, they are not just cats they are our love, friends and family. Believe that the furballs improve our lives.

  • Not happy with your work?

  • Nah, it’s a promotion, better money, better treatment, better place, more prestige. What’s not to like?

    The only issue is, when we do need to get back on campus, it is it bloody Kensington... I haven’t needed to cycle to central London during rush hours for years... 😬

  • Cat on cat.

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  • I was talking about patch watching you.

    Congrats tho,

  • Oh sorry, I though you referred to Patch throwing up on my first day of new job.

    She is a micro manager, she demands to join in to most meetings.

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  • We have two dogs staying with us at the moment and Celeste isn't super happy about it. The first day she screamed and hissed. Now she'll tolerate them being in the same room but isn't best pleased. One of the dogs keeps trying to be friends, the other is on hunger strike and sleeps on the doormat. Celeste is quite happy with there being extra food about.

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  • My experience, it’s the cats house, she was there first so yes she’s the boss; but with the food, better watch that the dog don’t feel different.

  • CW: dead cat, skip if you want to

    Had a bit of a crap morning. Went out early to drive 15 mins down the local A road to get to the hills for a ride. Unfortunately passed a cat that had been hit and killed and was in the middle of the road. Turned around and went back to move it off the road and see if I could find who it belonged to. Just as I'd moved it, the guy from the adjacent house came out having seen it from the window, thinking it was his. Fortunately (?) it wasn't, but left it with him after he said he'd ask around his neighbours. Just been left feeling both sad that someone has lost their pet in an unpleasant way and at having to see and move a very dead cat, which hit a bit harder as it was the same colour and markings as our nearly year old Otto. Also really fucked off that someone had hit it and not bothered to stop, and on a busy road (even at 7:30am on a Sunday) no one else had stopped and moved it as it clearly hadn't just happend. Not much of a point to this, more a vent, and a grim one at that. I'm glad I stopped though. Sorry for the wall of text, it's just been playing on my mind a lot today.

    Extra pets for Otto (below) when I got home and fresh chicken for his dinner, to end on a better note.

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  • My brother lost one of his cats like this, really really sad. I’m happy to keep ours indoors / fenced garden at all times.

    Not sure if he shares my opinion though...

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  • For sure, just sad at the end of the day. Otto stays indoors or within the garden too.
    He's strikingly handsome!

  • He takes after his owner last thing I heard...

  • I picked up a dead kitten from a busy road junction the other day. Morning rush hour, no-one bothering to even slow down, so I just walked out and made the fuckers stop. Tried a few of the nearby houses and most of them seemed surprised I was bothering to try to find the owners. We have just got a new kitten which maybe made it more real, but fuck me, it's someone's pet.

  • It’s a decent thing to do.

    I was in a LBS once, chatting with the guys and getting my bike fixed, we all witnessed a car ran over a cat when the driver was was starting his a car, a cyclist saw it, stopped the driver and insisted he needed to take it to the vet. It happened in Dulwich, so the neighbourhood vet is less than 5 mins walk. The driver got out of the car, had an argument with the cyclist and drove off, all whilst the kitten was lying in the floor dying. In the end, the shop owner next door took the cat to the vet but it was too late.

    It was probably preventable if the driver actually fucking looked! He was just starting his fucking car not driving 40mph!

  • You fail your driving test in Japan if you don't check under the car for animals before starting the engine.

  • This is great! And as it should be. Definitely not the case in China, and there are a lot of stray cats in cities these days - I've thankfully not seen any accidents but I'm sure the street sweepers would tell a very different tale.

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The Cat Thread

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