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  • So bloody cute!

  • He pooed on the sofa. Not so cute. How can a pea-sized poo be so smelly!?

  • Aww he he he!

  • I'm working from home today and the cleaner is here - she didn't realise I'm here and I heard her talking to Celeste, who she has renamed Mimi! Celeste/Mimi was happily snoozing away but then the cleaner got out the horrible noisy machine and little C is on the sofa looking concerned.

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  • Does anyone elses cat have a wierd thing about smelly armpits? Morning cuddles with the boy just got a bit tense suddenly when he stuck his face in my unwashed pit. He's tried to bite my underarm hair before so I tried to push him away and he fully attacked my arm. Had to have a stern word with him although he came back pretty sheepish a few seconds later.

  • Koshka loves a bit of salty pit. Have to keep arms down if I don’t want a grooming. My old family cat back in Manchester used to lick your hair if you were sat on the sofa. Men only and he and especially loved my dad’s bald pate. I assume it’s like a salt lick, topping up their electrolytes.

  • Splodge and Countess Ludwig on a fishing trip.

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  • I've heard that grooming can be an expression of dominance, not sure how true that is though.

  • As with all behavoural things its a question of context. It definitely can be a dominance thing but not all the time.

  • My girl fell into the loo in the middle of the night some years back. Frightened the bejesus out of both of us, altho she looked worse afterwards.

  • Cleaner? Off to the Golf Club thread with you!

  • Ironically, after searching for a cat that my wife wouldn’t be allergic to, I think I am 😔

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  • Oh dear! How allergic are you? I'm allergic to cats and I had a hard time staying at my girlfriend's place when we first started seeing each other because of her cat. It took a while but I'm not noticeably allergic to him anymore (which is good because he spends most nights sleeping on my chest).

  • Oh that’s good to hear. I thought it usually went the other way.

    I get hay fever, though never that bad. This is the same, and at the same time of year so I’m not sure if it’s Jam or from outside. Perhaps a bit of both. Won’t really know until after spring.

  • Tree pollen is reaaaaally bad at the moment...

  • Hopefully just hayfever then! I don't suffer from it very often but am noticing it at the moment.

  • 🤞

  • Splodge nearly drownded in the khazi bowl when he was tiny. Before he came to ours.

  • Say hello to little Cannoli

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  • Aww she looks just like our dear old girl Toppy

  • Super cute

  • Give it six-eight weeks and you'll be free of allergies. Thats how long it took me, and I was properly wheezy around cats before being landed with one.

    Now the little fucker tries his best to kill me by sitting on my head and I'm absolutely fine.

  • I'm the same, when I got Celeste I sneezed and sniffled a lot, now she's by my side pretty much the whole time I'm at home and it's fine, other than my skin being a bit itchy at times.

  • So cute!

  • There are few things more soul destroying than shopping for insurance.

    Trying to use said insurance an obvious candidate

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The Cat Thread

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