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  • I hope so. Will monitor him rest of weekend. I don't know if I can cancel that vet work on Monday without financial penalty if it comes to it....

  • London to Paris, and that is the quick way using the eurotunnel and pay autoroute. Have had it go wrong due to accidents and road closures and it was over 14hours.

    They furballs have litter, water and food.

  • Waily popped in to see us this morning and immediately puked on the floor. He must be feeling ok now as he's currently merrily ripping a pigeon apart in my garden 🤮

  • Makes me feel guilty for Ned, who spent almost twice that in a van driving from Sidcup to Valencia!

    And now he has to put up with the 35deg summers.

  • He perked up Saturday, but was the same again Sunday. We had to have him put to sleep today. He had a tumour in his spleen.

    We could have opted for palliative care though and give him a few weeks on medication, but he was already sedated and comfortable so we didn't want to bring him home just for us, for him to deteriorate. Devastated. Heartbroken. My little mate.

    Muffy. August 2008 - March 8th 2021

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  • Oh fuck, am so sorry.

    Came here to moan/tell tales on my two and seems irrelevant. Am going to give the two a hug.

  • Sorry to hear that!
    It sounds to me like you made the right choice though.

  • We couldn't bear to have him in pain, even though it's the hardest thing to drop him off and never have him back home

  • So sorry. RIP Muffy.

  • Sorry for your loss EB, one of the hardest choices to make despite we all know it's the right one..

  • Thanks all for kind words. His sister so far doesn't seem to have noticed he's not here. We're giving her lots of cuddles and love right now.

  • Really sorry. RIP Muffy.

  • Mum and Dad’s remaining cat (RIP Ali up thread a couple of weeks ago) is doing pretty well without her sister apparently. Hard to know how they feel isn’t it? She’ll have a lot more to worry about when we descend on her with our cat on Thursday (we’re moving in temporarily). Fur may fly.

    I hope Muffy’s sister adjusts well. I’m sure you’re all benefitting from mutual cuddles.

  • I'm so sorry mate. I feel bad for making a joke about it.

    If you're anything like me you'll find yourself doubting your decision over the coming weeks but trust yourself that you did the right thing. It would have been unfair to keep him going when the option of a painless exit was there.

    You did the right thing.

  • I hope she does. He was always the dominant one and more social, but she's a pest for cuddles in bed at 3am.

  • It's hard to accept but I think we did do the right thing. The last week he just wasn't himself, he didn't know where to be and just laid around. When I picked him up this morning he felt weak and limp, he'd lost a fair bit of weight. So sad.

  • Awwww shit. Sending good vibes. RIP. Muffy.

  • RIP Muffy, not letting him suffer sounds like the kindest thing but I know that must have been an awful decision.

    I moved Jaffa the street cat 3 hours up the road to our new house today. He shat himself the whole way. Had to shower him on arrival, took it like a champ.

    He's over it now. We're not.

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  • You did the right thing, the reason that you are worrying is that you care.

  • I'm so sorry to hear this. You gave Muffy a great life with a dignified ending, he got to live out his last days with people who loved him and made sure he didn't suffer unnecessarily. He looks like a great boy. I hope you're doing okay and Muffy's sister is cuddling you back.

  • I cannot believe you got Jaffa in the shower - the one time I tried that with a cat I nearly had my jugular ripped out.

  • He was just so thankful not to be covered in poo anymore. I held him and Nic showered him. He didn't even miaow. When he got out he let me towel him off and then let me hold him whilst Nic hair dryered him..

    People say we spoil him. 🤷🏼♀️

  • When he got out he let me towel him off and then let me hold him whilst Nic hair dryered him..

    The saying goes...

    Dogs have Masters.
    Cats have Staff.

  • If you withhold the previous meal it helps with that... Wait 20min after arrival for their stomach to settle then feed. (In case of future car journeys.)

  • Thank you x

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The Cat Thread

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