The Cat Thread

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  • Yeah you know where you are with cats... even when they’re pricks.

  • At least we can ensure they have the best lives we can give them, and it seems like your dad did his bit for his.

    That’s the crux of it isn’t it. Those two cats were found at one week old in a barn. Their mum had disappeared. From that point on it was pure utopia. They scored a lottery win getting in with my parents.

  • USB rechargeable!

    Yeah we had them put a port in his ball sack while they were at it. Should make it easier to upload new features etc

  • scored a lottery win

    Nice story. Those cats really were family!

  • Wish my own cat realised how lucky she is. She was an abandoned kitten living in the air space under our flat. Stick thin, not neutered and flea ridden...

    8 years of adoration later and she still acts like I’ve thrown ice water over her if I so much as move the crank on my bike or get the track pump out.

  • Sorry to hear about your dad's loss but sounds like that cat had the best possible life!

  • Love this

  • Looking round at his victims when he pushes the glass of water off the table. Arsehole.

  • Scroll down that twitter thing for agro cat!!

  • Sorry to hear about your parents' cats - it sounds like they had a great life and I hope your dad is okay. Hopefully soon he will remember the good times and the cuddles and the stupid antics that cats get up to.

  • My darling piece of fur (formerly known as Princess Elizabeth, now named Celeste or 天天) came home from the vets on Wednesday. She was surprisingly brave that day and explored a little bit but has since spent most of the time under the bed. The vet said to keep her cone on for a day or two, but by day 5 I still hadn't managed to get close to her to do it, and she's been clunking about the place and getting food stuck in the cone, poor thing. So yesterday we lured her out from under the bed, then trapped her in the living room, at which point she realised she was trapped and started ricocheting about the room (including slamming into a glass door...) until finally I caught her and had to use all four limbs in some sort of wrestling pose to hold her still while my boyfriend got her cone off. Thankfully no one got bitten (this time) but the poor cat is once again traumatised and she is now hiding under the sofa (previously an unattainable hiding place due to the cone). She's very strong for a 2.9kg cat!

  • Here's Celeste as a conehead.

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  • Awww poor thing, hopefully won't be too long before she emerges a bit more and realises you're nice and not just about unwelcome surprises (even if they do result in cone removal).

  • They really are wild animals when they want to be aren’t they!

  • Post sex hormone lifestyle appears to agree with him. My kids have repurposed their old toy pram as a mobile cat depository and he’s playing along.

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  • that's how I feel... is it at least face down on something soft?! hard to tell

  • A little update on Peggy. We've had her a couple of months now and it's been a very very slow process but she's finally at a point where she's comfortable around the house and in our company.

    Clearly she'd had a very challenging experience of life before she was rescued and it's taken a lot of persistence to build her trust (she didn't come out of hiding for almost 6 weeks other than to feed etc when we weren't there) but now she's one of the family and loves being made a fuss of.

    Here she is chilling on my son's (untidy) bed and in the living room. Something we really didn't think would ever happen based on her severe anxiety.

    Needless to say, we all love her!

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  • Happy days!

  • Someone's comfy

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  • Is he finally yours, or still a free spirit?

  • This chap is nearly 14 but still looks and behaves like a kitten. When we’re out, he finds the drawer with the pipe cleaners and gets them out and chases them round the house.

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  • Still a free spirit. We haven't seen him too much this week. He varies from week to week and is also very dependent on his proximity to your house when it starts raining.

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The Cat Thread

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