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  • You are gonna miss it when they stop doing it. Patch is a bit older now (9) and so she can’t be bothered to chase ghosts and files half the time. I do get my peace and quiet more but I do miss her craziness... she does run crazy before she needs to do a big shit though.

  • He’s just being a cat, basically. He’s probably just wanting some attention because he’s bored and wants a fuss. My cat goes through phases of behaviour, including waking us at night, that last from a couple of weeks to a couple of months and then stop. Hopefully yours will stop when he’s had enough and decides he’s not bored any more. I don’t think there’s a great deal you can do about it, other than closing the doors, which doesn’t really work if your cat is like mine cos he’ll just sit outside, scratch at the door and sing the song of his people.

  • Blue does this every so often. Normally starting his furious laps of the house at about 5.30/6am. He's a big, uncoordinated lad so makes a lot of noise doing it, even more so now that we've got a 20kg puppy that likes to get in on the action.

  • Trying to record a snoring cat, she stops the second I hit record....yet is fas asleep.

  • Thanks all. Bored/lonely. Pretty much what I thought. You hear him playing downstairs at times which doesn’t bother me. I’ll try leaving more of his play things around down there and keep locking him outside when he wakes the kid or wife up. Hopefully he’ll put 2 & 2 together soon if he doesn’t like being shut out in the cold and damp.

  • Herman went through a phase of being loud all night, so this is what we do (and has pretty much resolved it)-

    Play with him/force our company on him in the evening so he doesn't just sleep.

    Feed him before bed

    If he's getting kibble he'll have to chase it

    We don't leave our door open, and he doesn't get fed immediately in the morning, it's the kettle going on he associates with being fed.

    He does on occasion decide he'd like to do some mid-night Zen gardening though.

  • has princess flood got a name yet?

    Her name is actually Princess Elizabeth the Third (I didn't name her), because as you can see, she is a real princess!

  • Would anyone like any free cat food? 2 different flavours from Cool Cat Club, around 12 pouches each of chicken and "oceanfish". Seems like decent quality stuff and Blue goes wild for the tuna variety, he's just a fussy little bastard. 2 pouches of Whiskas 1+ years poultry in jelly as well.
    Collection from SE20, DM me if interested!

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  • Bonus pic of our freak boy.

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  • .

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  • This is his natural resting state.

  • Alternative to my last post, if nobody on here wants the food, any suggestions on somewhere that could use it?

  • Does anyone here have experience with epilepsy? One of ours has now had two seizures in a month and blood tests have eliminated any other cause. She's 4, so the vet doesn't think the chances of it being tumor related are likely at all.
    She's been prescribed Pexion, which is designed for dogs but apparently has had really good results in cats too.
    We have mixed emotions because obviously we are hopeful that the medication could prevent her seizures, but also committing to twice daily medication given 30 mins before food on an indefinite prescription is quite daunting.
    I'm not sure what I'm hoping for in response, but if anyone has any experience or advise to offer I'd be glad to hear it.

  • From what I understand cats can have a long and enjoyable life so long as the medication is there, same as humans. We’ve fostered cats with diabetes etc and it can be quite daunting putting them on long term medication but is great when you see them get better/help manage to with their condition. (We have fostered a cat that had seizures but it was due to a large brain tumour and she was very old so different circumstances entirely)

  • Wood green cat shelter? Only cat shelter I know of, and near me.

  • That's good to hear thank you. The vet seemed to think similar, no reason for the seizures not to completely go away with the right medication.
    My main concern, other than the health of our cat, is how to reliably give her medication twice a day, 30 mins before eating, and without the other cat interfering. Although they do get fed twice a day, our lifestyle at the moment doesn't mean that we are at home every weekend or can stick to a regular 12hr feeding schedule. At the moment we can leave them with the automatic feeders when we're away for a few nights, but the new routine would complicate things somewhat.
    I hope that we can find a reliable person in the village to take care of them when we're away for longer or more predictable periods.

  • Tofu (in the box) and Kimchi. We’ve had them for just over 2 months now but it’s incredible that we couldn’t imagine life without them :)

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  • A thing to try is a good 10 to 15 mins of playing to tire the cat out can geko them relax at night

  • I want that...

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  • Target locked

  • Here's a nugget of knowledge for you about cats eyes- the Catseye factory is on the site of where the guy that invented them got his inspiration from the cat that saved him from his near death plummet.

  • My friend's cat has had quite a few seizures but none for a while. He hurt himself quite badly when he had one while on top of the wardrobe and fell off, but otherwise he hasn't seemed overly concerned about it. He's not on any medication as the seizures went from frequent to very infrequent, so the vet said not to bother, and he seems pretty chilled with life now.

    Edit to add picture of Peter the cat.

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  • Thanks, good to know that it can come and go like that. I was wondering whether it could be linked to the stress from moving house.

  • just a pic of my current (home)workplace view <3

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  • Spent an hour yesterday trying to get my cat into a case. Furniture got broken, blood got spilled. Cat is now at the vet getting spayed. Hopefully she will forgive me. Also hopefully I don't have blood poisoning from an infected bite.

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The Cat Thread

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