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  • He's not interested unless it tastes like catnip or chicken, he has never touched them. Some cats do like a nibble though so worth checking if they are toxic.

  • Haha, thanks - good to know! Guess we'll keep an eye on them once they arrive and see if they're interested or not. I don't mind moving them and/or giving some away if we need to.

  • These are the two kittens we are getting (there's a third one tucked away in there in the photo if you look close enough, but she's not ours).

    We've decided to call them Tofu and Kimchi.

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  • Just a word of warning, Herman loves green food, especially courgette, spinach, and peas, but this has also extended and will pretty much chew any thing green, including chillies.

    Also Kimchi, great name but I hope they don't live up to their name.

  • Cool, think we'll have a little plant sort out before hand then.

  • Vaccination day today, she's never enamoured with her chariot.

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  • Any recommendations for spot flea treatment please? Big mans looking a bit itchy today.

  • How big is big man?

    I've got 5 x advocate doses for small cats <4kg here that I have no use for...

  • I’ll be doing similar with Dizzy tomorrow, she’s off to the vet for her MOT. She’ll be 12 next March so she gets an annual check-up and her heart tested, as it’s a common problem with Coonies. Plus she’s currently obsessively grooming herself, even more than usual. I can’t find any flea dirt in her so I’m going to get her checked for eczema or some other skin irritation.
    If you hear any loud meowing in the Thornton Heath area tomorrow, you’ll know who it is.

  • All good. Flea treatment, just in case, flu jab and that’s it. Heart is fine and she’s a healthy 6kg. We weren’t allowed in the treatment room due to covid but we could hear her well enough. She enjoys being in the car though, she’s fascinated by it.

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  • Great looking cat!

    James has started responding to his arthritis injections and is jumping up rather than dragging up, although not to the extent that he used to spring onto surfaces. But- progress. This has cheered me up significantly.

  • Our Higgs has just been dropped off for some dental treatment. Vet says unlikely that she'll need teeth out, but not sure. Fingers crossed for a not too ludicrous bill!

  • Brush your cats teeth. Along with dental nuggets.

  • fluffy (in capitals)

  • Yep, she's been on dental biscuits for a few months already. and we just got a finger brush and some toothpaste to start brushing. The vet said it was just a genetic thing that made her susceptible, so not really anything we did wrong.
    In the end she had 3 teeth out, and the vet kept them for us...

  • Does Higgs have FORL?

    Am not stating that you did anything wrong. Wish I had been told to brush my cats teeth so the cats got used to the brushing as kittens.

  • errrr. I don't know. The vet said her gingivitis was very bad, and that she removed the three teeth that were loose. Sh said she might need a fourth out in a few years, but didn't see the need to pull it out now.

  • My two had suspected FORL at one vet, and the vet was talking straight away anaesthetic and expensive teeth removal, not even an x ray to check. Took the cats to another vet and they said try tooth brushing and oral biscuits and come back in three months and if the things have not changed or deteriorated the vet wanted to x ray and then decide.

    Tooth brushing and dental seems to have done the trick.

  • My mate Blue has taken to peeping at us from a neighbour's roof when we leave the house.

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  • One of mine, Zoning out in front of the burner and alert mode.

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  • .... “I’m vengeance”

  • Just another day at the office.

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  • If not for sits.... WHY MAKE THE DAMN THING!?

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  • Indeed

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The Cat Thread

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