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  • Insurance: I'm shopping for it again. Was with Petplan initially, then Insurance Emporium because Petplan's renewal price was silly. I always wonder when I do this, what happens if the cat develops a terminal illness? Surely he's then uninsurable once the current policy expires,at least for that condition.

    Also found that my vets wont accept claims directly from the insurer, so it would need to come through my pocket in the event of a big payout. Is this normal?

  • Is that definitely a cat?

  • So after keeping an eye on the cat for the last week or so, I think I can safely confirm that there is nothing wrong with him and he's just an asshole.
    Meanwhile, the other cat has developed an unhealthy attachment to a pile of discarded plastic wrapping. He keeps trying to get me to follow him to the pile so I can pet him while he licks the plastic.
    Never a dull moment with these two!

  • Awwwwww

  • Flea infestation - any advice?

    Using Advocate, but they keep coming back. We are spraying carpets weekly and combing the cats daily.

  • Try a different treatment. We used Frontline for Dizzy, altho she’s been flea-free for the last 3 years so we stopped it.
    Failing that, talk to your vet as to why they’re so persistent.

  • Do you guys apply monthly flea treatment or just use it when your cats have fleas?

  • See a vet to see what works locally.

  • Never had a problem prior to this summer, so just used it if we saw a flea.

    I assumed that that one treatment would get rid of them, as had always been the case previously. Got some frontline, they were still there after that, went to the vet and they sold us Advocate. I'm hoping the second round of Advocate will finally sort it.

  • All is good until one wakes up!(images was supposed to be the other way around)

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  • Sometime I really hate Patch! Even battling with her for a couple of weeks now to get her fur sorted. It’s so tangled up in places but she just won’t let me.

    Had to end of cutting some bits off (with that hook blade thing) and now she is staring at me as if I am her no. 1 enemy!

  • He could smell this toy before I even opened it

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  • Who are people using for insurance? I'm currently with Tesco, but their latest premium is a bit steep for a 7 year old cat with no pre-existing condition or health issues. I meant to change it last year but didn't get round to it, so definitely switching this year!

  • New kittens day

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  • Awwww cute, do they have names yet?

  • I wanted Mr Biscuits and Meep, but we've gone for Tiger and Oreo.

    Full names are Banana Split Oreo and Tiger James Junior. Good enough.

  • Made a cat toy. Cat seems unimpressed.

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  • WTF! Only one picture?

  • here you go :)

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  • They're very cute

  • Always used petplan, who aren't cheap but have always been really good with claims. A vet friend recommended them as the insurer least likely to be a pita.

  • Got my family an S5 Savannah!

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  • I'm using Healthy Pets, which I chose as they were a fair bit cheaper than pet plan. Claimed once after Lola needed eye surgery, which was fuss free and full (sans excess). I upgraded from their bronze to silver level since as Lola is rather fighty.

  • Meanwhile in Brazil

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The Cat Thread

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