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  • Oh fuck, am so sorry to hear.

  • Poor thing. Very sorry to hear that.

  • Really sorry to hear this.

  • Sorry to hear that, very unfair on you all - I hope that the last few days fade but your memories of happier days stay with you.

  • So sorry for your loss, that's rotten news. Fucking cars.

  • Sad news... I am so sorry to hear. :-(

  • Thanks guys, we’re really sad here and it feels like the end of an era in a way. Cleo and Clive (her son who died about 2 years ago) were our first babies and accompanied us through a lot of life - getting married, moving out of London, having a human baby, etc. There’s not really much positive to say about the end but we’ve been looking through photos and videos of her and don’t regret any of the time we spent chilling with them instead of getting out of bed and being productive!

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  • Really sorry to hear this. Such a lousy way to go as well, poor Cleo :(

  • Gorgeous and happy cats. Sorry for your loss.

  • we’re really sad here and it feels like the end of an era in a way

    I totally get this.

    When Fred died this Easter, it was the same. We got Fred between the birth of our first and second child, and she'd been with us through so much life. I still well up when I notice the spot where we buried her in the garden.

    It might not be right for everyone but the following week, I went out and got a kitten. Stevie really helped us to be positive and took our minds off the sadness.

    She's turned into such a great character. Here she is in a typical pose (the black and white one):

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  • Fred in her prime

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  • The

    Working later tonight trying to finish some editing, went to make a cuppa and we scared each other when it was coming up from the back of my hobs.

  • At my old double aspect place I had a mouse. When I saw it on the hob, I decided that I needed to catch it, which I finally did with a glue trap on the mouse route to the front room.

    In the new place Barley caught a couple, and the mice seem to habe moved on.

  • Glue trap! Of course! That is a good idea! Thank you! I know exactly where it travels, well, Patch does... but neither of us can reach it in time without having to move things and of course that means I have not been able to catch it...

    Did you put some food on it to attract the mouse or did you just put it out as it?

  • The night before, I had to lock her out for a good half an hour become I clocked her bringing a mouse to the cat flap... then I watched Tom and Jerry live through my window. When I finally managed to get Patch in so I could go rescue that little guy, it was shaking so badly... poor thing...

  • Got a decent picture for once! Bella chasing flies and wishes I would open the window again. Normally they can be out but my cat gang has had run inns with another cat gang as of late so they stay inside after sundown for a bit.

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  • Nope!

    2 instant kill traps.
    2 humane traps.
    4 glue traps.
    Peanut butter.
    Assorted nuts.
    Chocolate and biscuits.
    So far £40 spent.

    Fucking mouse!

    I have another 20 glue traps now so I will paste the kitchen with them if I have to.

  • Currently looking after this beauty until mid august. She belongs to friends of my girlfriends mum.

    Such a chill cat. Loves cuddles and has the most interesting meow; half auto tune Cher, half Doppler effect. Sleeps on the pillow with me. I think I’m in love.

    Does anyone recognise the breed? I can’t remember what my girlfriend said she was but apparently she’s good for allergy sufferers as she doesn’t moult.

    Edit: oriental shorthair perhaps?

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  • Would anyone be interested in looking after James and Higgs for a couple of weeks whilst we're away? I'd recompense you for your trouble. It would be the latter half of August.

  • Guys please reconsider using glue traps. They’re super cruel and inhuman. Mice get trapped freak out and sometimes break or even chew off their own limbs to try and escape.

  • Hendricks with a very loose definition of ‘if I fits I sits’ this morning.

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  • Our cats at least fit.

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  • Guys please reconsider using glue traps.

    Yeah, they're really a last resort. They can be pretty horrific.

    @ExTra electronic rat traps are effective, they work for mice and it's over in an instant, and you just empty them over the bin. If your going to use the glue traps do not let Patch any where near them once they're set as they are mega sticky, and no one wants to peel any thing off them.

  • I know. It seems the mouse doesn't want to walk inside anything... so I don't think an electronic rat trap would work.

    I wouldn't use a glue trap unless it's the last resort and it is the last resort.

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The Cat Thread

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