The Cat Thread

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  • Fanny is on twitter, and it amuses me that people seem happy that the train is delayed if Fanny comes and sits with or usually on them.

    Will admit I do detour to Gypsy Hill station if I can, just to say hello to the cat.

  • Fanny is a legend, back to her normal cheery self after getting hit by a car a while back.. I think she's happy there are a few more people back on the trains now.

  • Tough morning so far

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  • That damn mouse is still active!

  • Hate to say it mate you might have to do poison...

  • I was gonna go with more traps and poison at the same time last week... might have to. But consumer stuff isn’t that good, I heard.

    Any recommendation?

    Patch is on guard in the kitchen now so the mouse is there somewhere.

  • consumer stuff isn’t that good

    Yeah, most domestic mice these days are resilient to it. Also you're running the risk of secondary poisoning if Patch does kill said mouse. Traps are your best bet, if you know what the mouse has been eating then bait them with that.

  • Traps with peanut butter on worked for us

  • Yup, me too. Get the humane traps and then if yuh want to be kind take them and release them in a park a mile or so away.

  • I have put down multiple traps already with different food... it just doesn’t like it!!! 😠😠😠

  • Watched a bit of Tom and Jerry last night. Have you tried smelly swiss cheese?

  • Only cartoon mouse likes cheese?

  • I am pretty sure the mouse has been eating historical crumbs of various stuff over the last 3 weeks... 🧐

  • Yeah you’ve got to try to eradicate all the mouse food sources. Only then will it venture into a trap I assume?

  • I have a feeling this mouse is going to cost me dearly!

  • There was an old woman who swallowed a fly...

  • Or...

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  • 🥺

  • Your only solution is to get another more deadly cat.

  • Or get a snake, then a mongoose, then a bear etc.

  • Have baited traps before and caught the cat....but that one was quite special.

  • A bear sounds like a good idea. Would it eat me too?

  • Totally gutted, Cleo got hit by a car yesterday and has neurological damage along with broken hips/rear leg, she’s been at the vets 24 hours and Mrs Hammer is going to say goodbye now.

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  • oh shit.

    so sorry to hear this.

  • Poor kitty, feel bad for her and you guys.
    At least she'll get to pass in company and without pain.

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The Cat Thread

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