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  • Life without cats is just not as good.

    This time yesterday mine were boxed up and shipped out. They should be in Doha now and Melbourne on Thursday.

    If lucky, I'll get to see them again in a month.

    For no-prize, does anybody want to take a guess how much the flights and importation of two cats to Australia cost?

  • That must suck. Hopefully they don’t suffer too much in transit.

    Got to be north of £2k?

  • Well it's £1,000 to get a cat to Valencia from London, which is 1,300km. London to Melbourne is 17,000km, so £1,000 / 1,300 * 17,000 = £13,000?

  • I think we were quoted around £2k to get Dizzy carted off from London to Sydney a couple of years back, when we were thinking of moving out there for a couple of years. The stress it would have put on her aged 10 was a factor in us still being here.

  • Theo is finally on the website if anyone wants to adopt a lovely chatty cat­theo

  • After trying for years to get a good picture of this friendly neighbourhood cat to no avail (always turned the head away at the last second or wriggled around so I just got a blurry mess) my wife tried for the first time and got nothing but calm poses. This cat always cheers me up if he/she is around when I come back from grocery shopping by yowling and running over for attention, when most of the cats on this road are extremely standoffish.

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  • Yeah, that was probably a good call for the cat.
    Definitely a one-way trip for these guys.

  • Fine looking older guy. Really love that colour combination.
    Good luck.

  • We've got a visiting neighbour's cat.
    She's an absolutely gorgeous Siamese kitten and is very affectionate. She comes every day to say hello. We don't feed her and don't let her in the house, just give her strokes for 5 or 10 minutes and then she's on her way .
    However, she has just recently started pooping in our garden on the times we aren't there to go out and pet her. We don't really have any plants that aren't in pots and don't care about it too much but it does begin to smell despite her efforts to dig a deep enough hole and cover it over afterwards.
    Is there an easy way to discourage the pooping without stopping her coming over for a hello?
    She didn't used to do it so I assume her owners had a tray or she did it elsewhere

  • Come on guys. Need some more lock down puss cat pics to brighten up my cat less life.

    Here is one of dear departed Puck RIP.

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  • Also one of local resident. Fanny the Gipsy Hill cat.

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  • Our new masters are settling in nicely

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  • ^ looking tough!

  • Stephen's climbing adventure:

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  • On his way to catch another fly.

  • Just had to rescue a common lizard from the clutches of this evil beast.

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  • Cycled through Norwich cathedral and this chap was having a snooze:

  • This means 1 hour of calm in the house. After that who knows.

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  • Upload failed... try again in the morning...

  • Not impressed.

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  • Bloody hell!

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The Cat Thread

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