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  • I've been reading through the Bicycle Tag thread in the General forum and it looks like loads of fun.

    Is anyone up for starting a game in Manchester?

    Original thread

    Bike Tag Guidelines:

    1. Old and new tags must have the same bicycle
    2. Old tag isn't taken until the new tag is posted (post them at the same time)
    3. Tags must be within Manchester (limits are roughly within the M60)
    4. Tag locations must be freely accessible to the public
    5. No reflection porn
    6. No blank or near blank walls
    7. No hogging the game

    If so I have the first tag....

  • Boundries?

    Id say m60 but its not as populated as london so thats a really wide range of crappy places potentially

    This'll be fun tho, I'll try get some in when im up

  • Yeah I was kinda hoping someone would come up with some boundaries. I only really know South Manchester well so some input from people with more knowledge would be good.

  • Cue 3 pages of polo bikes at powerhouse when one of us gets one. Cool idea though. I managed to guess one of the London pics once but it was a little far to travel to tag myself in the next one.

  • Manchester isnt as big as London so we'll probably run out of locations after about a year but it could be fun while it lasts.

  • It's still pretty damn big.

  • Eccles, stockport, droylsden, crumpsall

    4 points?

  • (goes further south as lots of people live stockport/didsbury/fallofield way

    maybe bend the bottom line round didsburt

  • +1

  • May get this before going home this eve.

  • hurrah! make sure you get a new tag.

    EDIT: I have also tagged this as #manchesterbicycletag on Instagram for anyone who uses it.

  • I've got an easy as fuck one that I'll be stopping in to on the way home.

  • Interested...

  • Current:


  • I know where that is but I'm lazy

  • Awesome idea! I'm in.

  • ^^ I was going to do one where only I could get in and break the game.

  • For anyone who cares the old tag was some art painted on the side of a building that appears to be inhabited by these guys:­t/

  • As much as I love Christopher Walken someone should totally paint a giant moustache on him.

  • As much as I love Christopher Walken someone should totally paint a giant moustache on him.

    and maybe some sunglasses.

  • Do you need instagram to do this?

  • Do you need instagram to do this?


    as long as you have a bike and can upload pics to here you're all good.

  • Can someone PLEASE rename this to reflect to correct name of the game, which, as we all well know, is "Bicycle Tag of bike". It just simply isn't the same otherwise.

    Also I'd been thinking of starting this up but didn't think enough people would get involved. We'll see!

  • If you input the big fuck of letters in the middle and Manchester it gives it away.



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Manchester Bicycle Tag

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