Why do people hate Scousers?

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  • The north has been in an abusive relationship with the south since the days of thatcherism. Scousers were punished by Murdoch's evil empire for telling it how it is. Divide and rule always works. Scousers are more flamboyant and witty than people from most other people in the UK = jealousy. Plain and simple!

  • Lolz

  • ^^true dat.
    Bit like why some drivers hate cyclists. Jealousy

  • Scousers think they were punished by Murdoch's evil empire for telling it how it is. Scousers think they are more flamboyant and witty than people from most other people in the UK

    ftfy. They weren't, and they aren't.

  • scousers do the best wheelies FACT

  • Only because some other scouser has nicked their front wheel

  • Of course there is the tendency of scousers to leave Liverpool the first chance they get and never go back, but then to go on about how wonderful the place is and how proud they are of coming from there.


    So someone saying how lovely the area they grew up in ___________[<-insert majority of south/central Americas, Asian, European or African countries] is somehow lying or wrong because the left for economical reasons? If there are no jobs , why would you expect it to be any other way?

    The lack of job/opportunities leading to shit holes is a repeating pattern everywhere. Why would you hold the people of Liverpool to reach a higher standard and no where else?

    Given how we've all seen the cabinet's paperwork that showed That woman's government's "managed decline" of the city, surely it's easy to see why there's a deep mistrust of Westminster based governments? How long did it take for anyone to acknowledge the biggest state sponsored lie that was HIllsborough? The police officer that over saw this has never been held to account. £1M retirement and knighthood remain......

    "Oh Tarquin! Look! LooK! it's those mental scousers!!!! Don't spill your Pimms, dear boy! hahahahahahaha"

    "Sebastian!! Look at his dreadful Rockports!!!!"

  • They also call Manchester "the Peoples Republic of Mancunia" ...

    Not with the numbers of Knighthoods floating around there.

  • There we go, so a Manc accuses Scousers of living off the wages of slavery/racism. In fact Liverpool has always had a great tolerance of people from other places and has been ethnically diverse well before the rest of England. (one of the first chinese / Oldest jewish / and Caribbean communities are in liverpool)

    According to wikipedia the rivalry is because the Mancs didn't want to pay port tariffs to Liverpool port:

    I have to disagree with some of this. Unfortunately many Caribbean's experiences leading into the 80's disturbances and beyond was not one of tolerance everywhere. I'd guess a legacy of it is a reason for the city centre still looking fairly homogenous at times.
    There is a bit of divide, otherwise what does the Boundary pub signify? I thought it was a loose divide where you saw a lot less faces of colour the further north* you travel but a stronger blend south of it?

    The Chinese settlement (i.e China Town) is [strike]supposedly[/strike] the oldest in Europe.

    *mostly in impoverished areas, natch

  • The Trans-Pennine trail passes through here. I didn't feel that it was somewhere I should stop for long.

    Mind you, the bit past Fiddlers Ferry is worse, can't help but wonder what nastiness is flowing in those big pipes alongside the path.

    A Great cycle route!!!!!

  • Don't get it
    We're the sweetest friendliest folk in the country?

    They actually are, I've recently experienced this. Its taken me years to realise that Liverpool is probably one of the best cities within 40 miles of where I live. I betthe front is a good place to ride on too thinking about it..

  • Liverpool is probably one of the best cities within 40 miles of where I live

    Hardly a ringing endorsement

  • They are Vile, Horrible Bastards......who hate Law & want every thing for nothing.

  • Welcome to the forum, anonymous username person, with your measured and tolerant post.

  • izzat the first post too.
    Joins forum, dredges 3 year old obscure thread.
    Maybe just had there bike nicked in Liverpool, or maybe not.

  • Roberto Firmino, is that you?

  • Margy Clarke is their Queen! I f*ckin hate that Vile Bitch!

  • @Pistanator
    Lights blue touch paper, stands well back.

    Also my wife is from Liverpool. Stop being a dick.

  • liverpool is nice, I go there once a year to visit my hubcaps

  • I fookin love scousers!

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Why do people hate Scousers?

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