Why do people hate Scousers?

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  • The difference between Tories and Liberals is that the first lot wanted to keep the slavery. The first ones maily represent landed gentry and milionaires and the others urban middle classes.

  • Mdcc_tester
    ^^Righter than right

  • and the Tories are still in charge,
    shut up nick

  • Deities preserve us from badly spelt political claptrap! The original question on this thread opened the denizens of Liverpool to bigoted (and thoroughly enjoyable) abuse. No doubt neanderthals have interbred with ginger racists, they probably support Millwall or Celtic. If the posession of red hair is proof of genetic inferiority, explain Ed Clancy. Now, who should we have a go at next?

    Kindly stop taking yourselves so seriously, we are all human, except people from Orpington.

  • The Bristol accent is nowadays thought unremarkable:
    consult old maps,
    'Bristol' was named 'Bright Stow',
    the 'Bristol' accent lost the first hard vowel sound and added a slurred 'L' to the end.

    The GWR and the M4 corridor has pretty much wiped it out now,
    same as the Berkshire Burr one of my Reading-based customers, (from the early 90's), had.

  • We're all Estuarine now

  • Especially the crocodiles....

  • We're all Estuarine now

    There's still south esturine and north esturine

  • Done a little more research (Urban Dictionary)

    A Scouser is an individual from Liverpool. Scousers are notoriously maligned and stereotyped by everyone else in the UK. This is because they are jealous.

    Bit like cyclists then

  • David, I never realised that you were a Scouser as I do not recall you ever having attempted to nick my wallet and you never struck me as being a bit work shy.

    As a Scouser though, shouldn't you have a more Scouse name like Davey, Davo or Davsy?

  • I was know as Danny in Liverpool. My surname shortened.

  • They called you Danny. They did though, didn't they though?

  • Scouse means stew.

    We southern pie eaters and those northern pie eaters laugh at their lack of pastry.

  • I was know as Danny in Liverpool. My surname shortened.

    Are you sure it wasn't "La" or "Soft La", or possibly "Our Dave"

  • Better than being a jam eater

  • Scouse means stew.

    We southern pie eaters and those northern pie eaters laugh at their lack of pastry.

    fuck the crust i just want the good stuff

  • Heavy conversations, why cant we all get along and love one another?

    Bunch of wools ;D

  • Also, fucking Liverpool, sorry scousers but I wish they would shut that place down


  • it's full of self-pitying whiners who have a massive chip on their shoulder about how put-upon they are by the rest of the country.


    Where does your deep seated Scouser-hatred come from? I'd better not speculate ...

  • You're flattering yourself that my misanthropy is specific to Scousers. Walling off the North West is just a compromise based on the art of the possible, I'd happily build the borders on lines due East and South from Oxford

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  • Good to see you're a fan of Essex.
    No north exceptions at all? What about Northumberland?

  • What about Northumberland?

    My relatives in that area will be fine without being under the same government as the South East

  • Good to see you're a fan of Essex.

    As a whole, it's surprisingly nice in spite of the colossal population of wankers who make it their home.

  • Ding Fu*king Dong!!!!!

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Why do people hate Scousers?

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