Do people really buy...

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  • I'd have a crack at most of this.

  • Jews ear is a mushroom. I actually knew this.

  • ^ Yes a soft drink sold in China

  • All stocked by my local corner shop along with 50 types of rolling papers. Come the zombie apocalypse thats where I'm barricading myself in.

  • fray bentos pies and puddings, vesta curries and such were a staple of many a 1960s, 70s & 80s household


    fish assholes are a quality find though :)

  • " assholes are a quality find though :) "

    Wouldn't have them for a main...

  • This was my childhood diet.

    Back in the day when new technologies brought about convenience food that was genuinely thought to be a time saving wonder with no downside.
    No downside apart from my pendulous boy tits and jiggly belly.

    Still paying for that start in life.

  • That picture of a tinned chicken is haunting me. Thanks James.

  • would you like a side order of fish asshole to go with it, fish n chick

  • I don't understand people who eat this stuff:

    I bought some for a friend as a joke birthday present once. It was momentarily amusing, he put it in his pocket and we went out dancing. The next day, he looked in his pocket and half the jar had evaporated. It's freaky shit.

  • R a p h a !

  • Chain tensioners.

    Surely that's what a squash or tennis ball is for?

  • R a p h a !

    oh yes

  • top quality meat for the sausages
    only the finest maple cured best back bacon
    haricot beans picked by the fair hands of south american virgins

    lump of chorizo ... whut chorizo for breakfast are you mad

  • What I've never understood about canned breakfasts is: how do you fit the toast in the can?

  • they sell the packets of toast seperately silly
    ready toasted toast

    just needs heating when you get it home
    ideally in the toaster

  • Yeah, French toast used to be this weird cracker toast made from very american pap bread. Real 70s lunchtime staple with pate' ...


    pesto (yuck, unless it's made fresh with no acidic preservatives)
    carbon fibre
    baggy beanie hats
    fruit salad
    the sun

  • the sun

    amen to that

  • Paté is delicious... Nerged...

  • Kashimax Rain Tail.

    Grow up. Stop being vain. Put on some mudguards.

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Do people really buy...

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